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Eclipse CyclotronEnable more with Eclipse View upgrade

Maximize the potential and longevity of your Eclipse™ cyclotron by upgrading to Eclipse View. This upgrade offers improved system serviceability, increased workflow efficiency, and optimized performance. The Eclipse View upgrade lays the foundation for your needs now and in the future to enable more.

Features & Benefits

Modernize your cyclotron with Eclipse View upgrade

icon cyclotron startup

Experience up to 50% faster beam startup time,1 improving daily workflow and enabling more time for other tasks such as dispensing and quality control. With a faster beam startup time high-demand centers could add more runs to their day.

icon cyclotron security

Strengthen system security with hardened Windows® version and whitelisting software protection, which only allows applications defined for use on your system to run—helping you prevent external parties from manipulating system code and initiating dangerous applications.

icon cyclotron srs

Reduce unplanned downtime with Smart Remote Services (SRS) and Predictive Maintenance features. With proactive real-time monitoring, you can reduce unscheduled downtime that may impact your facilities ability to meet radiopharmaceutical supply and demand.

icon cyclotron high cap

Whether you are functioning at high capacity today or wanting to in the future, this upgrade will optimize system performance with new features for improved beam control.

icon cyclotron cloud

Keep your system up-to-date with the latest software version with Smart Remote Services (SRS).

icon cyclotron setup

This upgrade refreshes your machine with a new modern control system to lay the foundation to extend the life of your Eclipse cyclotron for many years to come.

icon cyclotron upgrade

Simplified system setup with automated beam parameter optimization to make it easier to perform system tuning protocols.

Cyclotron opportunity

Upgrading alleviates near term obsolescence and enables your system the opportunity for future expansion.

Eclipse QuickCurie™ is a complete high-current target system. The BTI1 120 μA high-current single-beam target system replaces an existing target changer and includes a beam tube, vacuum isolation valve, water cooled graphite collimator, vacuum roughing line, and niobium target assembly.2 It offers the same 18F production as the current configuration, however, it uses only half the enriched water [18O] and can be operated in single beam mode.3 With this upgrade, you can improve your system's overall efficiency and reduce operational costs.

  • Lower operational costs significantly by decreasing your enriched water [18O] usage 
  • Use up to 50% less [18O] water to produce the same 18F
  • Increase cyclotron operational efficiency with single-beam mode
  • Decrease total target load time and lower operational costs while improving ion source lifetime
  • Enable faster production of smaller batches of 18F to prepare a variety of 18F-based pharmaceuticals faster to meet supply and demand needs 
  • Produce 1 Ci of 18F in only 15 minutes of beam time3

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