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From the moment of its first emergence, 7T MRI has been an essential tool for scientists and clinicians to push the boundaries in diagnostic imaging. To harness the full potential of 7T, we have to revisit the principles of MRI. 

MAGNETOM Terra.X introduces the next generation 7T MRI that will enable you to make the difference for the most challenging clinical questions. With its groundbreaking Ultra IQ Technology, MAGNETOM Terra.X will unleash the full potential of 7 Tesla. Based upon the world’s first dynamic parallel transmit architecture, Ultra IQ Technology will deliver unprecedented image clarity that allows you to confidently assess the most subtle pathological details. In combination with the amplifying performance of our AI-powered Deep Resolve, MAGNETOM Terra.X ultimately will take clinical routine to a new level. And to facilitate a seamless translation between your research and the clinical workflow, the integrated Open Recon3 platform allows to implement your custom reconstructions directly on the scanner. MAGNETOM Terra.X will make the difference for clinicians and scientists.

Features & Benefits


Leveraging the full potential of 7T MRI

Leveraging the full potential of 7T MRI

Our unique Ultra IQ Technology delivers unmatched image homogeneity. See how

Deep Resolve

Faster than ever before

Faster than ever before 

Deep Resolve deep-learning based image reconstruction increases productivity in MRI. See how

Clinical image head

Inspiring image quality

Inspiring image quality

The combination of Ultra IQ Technology and Deep Resolve are game changers in clinical 7T MRI. See how

Powerful Platform

A powerful platform

A powerful platform

Our unique magnet and industry-leading gradients are benchmarks in 7T. See how

Head tumor

A window into physiology

A window into physiology 

Multinuclear MRI transforms diagnostic information. See how

Open Recon

A new reality in science

A new reality in science

The Open Recon3 platform boosts collaboration and customization. See how

The superb performance at 7T offers the opportunity for new clinical insights. But to leverage the full potential of this inherent advantage, dedicated ultra-high field technologies are required. With Ultra IQ Technology, MAGNETOM Terra.X will introduce an innovative solution that results in unprecedented homogeneity and image quality at 7T. Ultra IQ Technology combines three synergistic innovations throughout the transmit-receive continuum that jointly result in a new level of image clarity. 

Dynamic pTx technology

The world’s first dynamic parallel transmit architecture will enable unmatched transmit homogeneity at 7T by individually optimizing eight transmission channels to each patient. This revolutionary technology will deliver new clinical benefits through increased homogeneity.

Patient Performance Model

The Patient Performance Model will enable the maximum performance of our Dynamic pTx for every patient. Based on an extensive simulation framework, this model enables a patient specific optimization of the transmit pulses for our Dynamic pTx.

Deep RxE

Deep RxE - the deep receive enhancer will use the power of AI to achieve unmatched receive homogeneity. Its deep neural network is trained to address inhomogeneity originating from the receive profile.

With MAGNETOM Terra.X, we introduce our AI-powered image reconstruction Deep Resolve to 7T MRI and make it faster than ever before. 

Expand clinical applications

The combination of 7T field strength and Deep Resolve takes MRI to the next level. Targeted training of Deep Resolve on 7T data will ensure maximum performance and reliability, achieving a previously unheard-of resolution and speed.

The brilliant image quality of MAGNETOM Terra.X will outshine MRI at field strengths below 7T and will enable new insights for challenging clinical questions. The combined power and speed of Ultra IQ Technology and Deep Resolve are game changers in clinical 7T MRI. MAGNETOM Terra.X will enable a common full brain and knee exam with unmatched resolution in less than 15 minutes scan time – giving more patients in need access to 7T MRI.

<p>Fabrice Bartolomei, MD, PhD&nbsp;</p>

Musculoskeletal application

Prof. Dr. med. Reto Sutter, chief of radiology at the University Hospital Balgrist in Zurich, Switzerland, talks about the usefulness of 7T in reaching therapeutic decisions.1

Neurological imaging

Fabrice Bartolomei, head of the neurophysiology department at Hôpitaux de Marseille, France, explains how visualizing hard to find lesions can improve the quality of life for patients.1

7T MRI makes a difference 

As part of a clinical study on a 7T MRI, clinicians were able to cure a young woman from epilepsy. Listen to her story.

Our 7 Tesla magnet is a milestone in MR technology, and our gradients are a benchmark in the industry. The powerful and sophisticated hardware in MAGNETOM Terra.X is the basis for the brilliant image quality. 

7 Tesla magnet and gradient design

The 7T magnet of MAGNETOM Terra.X is second to none when it comes to robustness and ease of installation. And the industry-leading gradients of 135 mT/m and 250 T/m/s will be a benchmark in 7T MR technology, enabling powerful diffusion and functional MRI, as well as acquisitions with unprecedented low slice thickness.

Multinuclear MR especially benefits from an ultra-high magnetic field. The higher signal at 7T enables insights not accessible at lower field strengths.

Head tumor

Powered by the ultra-high magnetic field strength of MAGNETOM Terra.X, multinuclear MR will add an additional dimension of information to an MR examination. Sodium imaging and phosphorus spectroscopy can deliver insights complementary to the anatomy depicted with hydrogen MRI. The signal from sodium and phosphorus MR opens a window into the physiological processes of the human body.

MAGNETOM Terra.X will pave the way for a new reality in science and boost collaboration and customization with Open Recon3.

Open Recon

Deploy your custom reconstruction algorithms seamlessly into your clinical workflows while fostering open and collaborative innovation. Work with clinicians and scientists worldwide thanks to Open Recon3 and many other solutions that facilitate scientific exchange within the unique Siemens Healthineers ultra-high field community.


The Siemens Healthineers global MRI community offers peer-to-peer support and information: case reports, clinical methods, application tips, talks, and more, all freely available to you via this unique network.

Successful collaboration 

For Matthias Stuber at the Center of Biomedical Imaging in Lausanne, Switzerland, fast and easy data sharing is vital for translating techniques from the volunteer or phantom setting to the patient setting.4

Technical Details

    Magnet System

    Field strength

    7 Tesla

    Bore size

    60 cm

    Magnet Length

    270 cm


    Gradient strength

    W60 Gradients (135 mT/m at 250 T/m/s) 
    T60 Gradients (80 mT/m at 200 T/m/s)


    RF technology


    TimTX-1, TimTX-8

    Maximum number of receive channels5

    32, 64

    Number of independent receiver channels that can be used simultaneously in one single scan and 
    in one single FOV, each generating an independent partial image

    32, 64


    Siting and Installation

    System length (including covers)

    297 cm

    Minimum room size6

    65 m2