Siemens Healthineers Commercial Graduate Program

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Why Siemens Healthineers Trainee Program?

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As a global leader in medical technology with over 75,000 employees in more than 70 countries, we stand with our customers across the world – working together to transform the way things are done in healthcare.

When our health is at risk, we rely on physicians to make the best possible decisions – from quick, early diagnoses to the most effective treatments and follow-ups. By constantly bringing breakthrough innovations to market, we help healthcare professionals to deliver high-quality care, leading to the best possible outcome for patients.

Subsequently, when lives depend on the right diagnosis, healthcare professionals need the confidence to deliver. This calls for a trusted partner to help ensure systems are performing seamlessly, staff are trained, and processes optimised. 

Siemens Healthineers offers a 12-month traineeship divided into three (3) phases.

You will be introduced to field work across a variety of modalities and products while being supported throughout by a mentor to enhance your knowledge and skills.

You will have exposure to some of the most innovative and ground-breaking medical technology in the industry, including future overseas factory training to ensure engineers have the best and most up to date training possible to support these devices.

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