Atellica® VTLi Patient-side Immunoassay Analyser

A vital leap forward in cardiac testing

When a patient enters the emergency department presenting with the symptoms of a myocardial infarction (MI), every moment is critical. Achieving favourable clinical and operational outcomes requires fast and accurate chest pain assessment at the point of care, as well as coordination with the laboratory for quality assurance. Having high-sensitivity troponin testing at the point of care—producing accurate results in just 8 minutes—could transform care delivery for millions of people each year, improving ED throughput, reducing stress and strain on acute care clinicians, and aiding in optimising the use of time and resources of busy laboratories. 

Features & Benefits

Simple to use and easily integrated into existing systems, the Atellica® VTLi Patient-side Immunoassay Analyser, powered by Magnotech® Technology, delivers accurate, clinically actionable high-sensitivity troponin I results directly in the hands of those who need it most. 



Unit of Measure

Measurement Range

High-Sensitivity Cardiac Troponin I (hs-cTnI)


LoD–1250 ng/L

LoD plasma 1.2 ng/L

LoD whole blood 1.6 ng/L



Technical Details

Sample Type

Whole blood (lithium heparin)

Venous (lithium heparin)


Sample Size

30–100 μL


Time to Results

~8 minutes

Quality Control

Sero PATHONORM Cardiac Acute Liq

Reagent Cartridge



Size of box (W x D x H)

152 x 95 x 167 mm

Cartridges per box


System Dimensions


25 cm


5.2 cm


8.5 cm


780 g

Color LCD display

7.3 inches 

Integrated Barcode Scanner

Patient ID, Operator ID, and bottled QC; 1D (linear) and 2D barcode symbologies

Operating System

Microsoft WEC2013

Data Security

Patient data anonymization

TLS 1.2 encrypted end-to-end communication, using client and server certificates

Configurable level of user authentication

No storage of passwords, no hard-coded passwords

No user access to operating system