Technologická špička v 3T


MAGNETOM Prisma nabízí jedinečnou platformu 3T MRI, která vám pomůže vypořádat se s nejnáročnějšími výzkumnými výzvami MRI. Průlomový design poskytuje maximální výkon při dlouhodobém vysokém namáhání. Nové aplikace MRI poskytují vysoké anatomické detaily a rozšiřují zobrazovací schopnosti. MAGNETOM Prisma má prokazatelné výsledky u výzkumu i klinického použití. Jedná se o technologickou špičku v 3T zobrazování. 

MAGNETOM Prisma Excelerate Edition

Velká komunita MAGNETOM Prisma významně přispěla k pokroku ve výzkumu MRI. Řídí a převádí výzkum do klinické praxe.

MAGNETOM Prisma je systém s DNA šampiona. Od svých počátků umožňuje uživatelům vstupovat do nových oblastí výzkumu s inovativními aplikacemi a řídit pokrok v oblasti lidského zdraví. Jsme přesvědčeni, že tato inovace nikdy nekončí: představujeme MAGNETOM Prisma Excelerate Edition. Díky nové softwarové platformě syngo MR XA30 vám MAGNETOM Prisma umožňuje vynikat v MR zobrazování a výzkumu. Pokud jde o řešení nejnáročnějších výzev MRI výzkumu, MAGNETOM Prisma Excelerate Edition rozšiřuje rozsah svých aplikací na vysoce ceněné a jedinečné 3T platformě. Vše podporováno správným partnerem a správnou sítí spolupráce. 

Features & Benefits

In the most demanding MRI research projects based on extensive long-term studies, you profit from a powerful, robust MRI machine. MAGNETOM Prisma is your 3T PowerPack: unmatched 3T magnet, XR 80/200 gradient coil, parallel transmit architecture TimTX TrueShape, and receive architecture Tim 4G. 

Research Use

Enter new areas of MRI research and set the future trends in healthcare. Exciting applications will open up new possibilities to help you visualize functional processes and better understand diseases.

Choose your own route with MAGNETOM Prisma
Choose your own route with MAGNETOM Prisma
  • Advanced applications such as DWI, SWI, resting state fMRI, dynamic angiography, perfusion, and Diffusion Spectrum Imaging (DSI) – or your own research applications: MAGNETOM Prisma is your companion. It supports you with unparalleled 3T power and offers virtually unlimited imaging possibilities.
  • Siemens Healthineers unique Turbo Suite enables greater efficiency with acceleration technologies for all contrasts, orientations, and body regions whilst keeping the quality of your exam.
  • With MR Fingerprinting (MRF)5, MAGNETOM Prisma enables diagnostics at the frontier of a paradigm shift. MRF uses quantitative information from scans for decisions based on digital tissue data, not visual impressions, to improve tissue differentiation and enable less invasive diagnostics.
Diffusion Spectrum Imaging

Diffusion Spectrum Imaging

  • Up to 514 diffusion directions
  • Sensitive to multiple diffusion directions within a voxel
  • Potential to characterize crossing fibers
TimTX TrueShape and syngo ZOOMit

TimTX TrueShape and syngo ZOOMit

  • Fine imaging details from the most hidden structures
  • High resolution DWI
  • DTI Depicting structural CNS connectivity
Most powerful shimming system

Most powerful shimming system

  • Benchmark magnet homogeneity
  • Advanced higher order shim, optional SpectroShim
  • Higher specificity in body and multinuclear spectroscopy 
MRI Magentom Prisma Research

Excellent flow sensitivity and time-resolved Angiography with XR 80/200

  • Depiction of smaller vessels without contrast agent with ToF angiography
  • Enhanced flow effects with XR 80/200 gradient system
  • Higher SNR
  • Extreme iPAT performance with Tim 4G

syngo DTI with up to 256 directions

syngo DTI with up to 256 directions

  • High-resolution isotropic DTI for finer depiction of white matter tracts

Most advanced tools in syngo.via

Most advanced tools in syngo.via

  • Fully integrated fMRI/DTI evaluation
  • Interactive track exploration mode with multiple VOI objects

Unprecedented long-term stability

Excellent long-term stability

  • Excellent signal stability even for demanding long measurements – thanks to the new XR 80/200 gradient cooling system 

  • Simultaneous Multi-Slice (SMS) for DWI/DTI/BOLD
  • Compressed Sensing TOF, CS SPACE, CS SEMAC, CS GRASP-VIBE
  • CS Cardiac Cine
  • Cardiac Flow Imaging
  • High-resolution joint imaging with excellent FatSat
  • Zoomed high-resolution imaging of the pelvis
  • High-resolution with isotropic 3D imaging
  • Up to 2x more SNR in diffusion studies
  • Advanced Flow Evaluation
  • Advanced multi-nuclear Spectroscopy
  • 4D flow of the entire heart
  • Single Voxel Spectroscopy with edit method


Clinical Use

Visualize detail in the finest anatomical structures and reveal functional information

Just like a prism, MAGNETOM Prisma1 unfolds the complete spectrum of MRI contrast. When powered by your ideas, scientific knowledge and expertise, the Siemens 3T MRI Scanner MAGNETOM Prisma builds a perfect match to open up a broad range of applications looking to answer the many questions that MR research poses. From brain functionality, to body physiology, organ morphometry, tissue metabolism, and quantitative MRI, MAGNETOM Prisma delivers the answers you are looking for.

Do you want to make a difference in the lives of others? Fight the most threatening diseases and understand disorders? Advance human health? With the new Siemens 3T MRI scanner MAGNETOM Prisma, you can. A valuable collaboration for your success.

Collaborate and succeed

In MRI research, there are two forces driving the future of healthcare: As a physician, you aspire to transfer ideas from the lab into the clinical routine. Here at Siemens, we strive to translate research results into products like the MAGNETOM Prisma. This shared impulse is basis for a solid partnership founded on collaboration, support, and trust.

Be part of the IDEA network

As part of IDEA (Integrated Development Environment for Applications), the world’s largest and most active research community, you are able to get in touch with like-minded people, discuss ideas, and easily benefit from in-depth exchanges.

MAGNETOM Prisma equips you with the needed competitive edge – the edge that enables you to do what others can’t. It might even facilitate access to research funding and could make your institution more attractive to top talents on the international academic market.

“MAGNETOM Prisma has the power to lead to better expertise and innovative research in the future. Beside the improved gradient system, the 64-ch Head/Neck coil allows us to get better signals from the cortex and also cover the cerebellum and the neck very well. That allows exploring new research fields which are difficult to do on other 3T scanners.”1

Prof. Rainer Goebel6
Professor, Maastricht University & Scientific Director,
Scannexus, Maastricht, The Netherlands