Expand your freedomARTIS icono ceiling with Xpand

Minimally invasive procedures are getting increasingly complex, requiring additional equipment in the angio suite. This often limits the medical team in working efficiently, because they need to move equipment to maneuver and park the C-arm. Also, repositioning the patient or table for arm access is challenging.

  1. Have to move equipment out of the way when parking the C-arm

What if we could give you the additional flexibility in system movement to overcome these inefficiencies? Explore ARTIS icono ceiling with Xpand.



ARTIS icono ceiling with Xpand is designed to move through very limited space to reach a new parking position – without you having to move other equipment out of its way first.

Rotational movements require more space - resulting in you having to move other equipment out of the way.

To suit your clinical needs and room architecture, ARTIS icono ceiling with Xpand will be available in two setup options – either as symmetrical or asymmetrical installation. Take a look which one is the optimal choice for you.