POCcelerator Ci module: Peace of mind at the point of care

Empower better care through deeper analytics and actionable insights

Peace of mind at the point of care

Every person, device, and POCT result must meet their respective standards of compliance. And you need to be able to monitor that compliance data and analyze it in real time to reduce risk and advance care. Data-driven, proactive, and efficient point-of-care testing is about more than quality control—it’s the gateway to better care.

Combining the most powerful release of the POCcelerator™ Data Management System with in-depth, enhanced data analysis provided by the POCcelerator Ci module, delivers intelligent compliance to digitalize healthcare in ways previously unimaginable.

The POCcelerator Data Management solution provides peace of mind at the point of care with:

  • Intelligent compliance reporting
  • Integrated E-learning
  • EQA and proficiency testing
  • Enhanced operator management

Dashboard circle charts

At-a-glance metrics are available for Quality Control, Device Operators, Patient Results, and Device Performance. In-depth information is accessible with a few clicks.

POC Ecosystem

The Siemens Healthineers POC Ecosystem solution empowers the centralized management of POCT programs. It is a key enabler for POCT coordinators, helping them connect devices and users so testing efficiency is maximized, clinical workflow is improved, compliance is adhered to, and costs are efficiently managed.

With an expanded informatics product offering, Siemens Healthineers Point of Care Diagnostics provides a POC Ecosystem solution aligned with the megatrend of consolidation of healthcare providers around the world.