Atellica Data Manager

Standardize testing and streamline result management across your diagnostics network.

Atellica® Data Manager leverages 2 decades of experience digitalizing laboratory best practices. Built with the insight gained from our 2000+ customers* in 68+ countries, this open, scalable, next-generation software includes powerful features and easy navigation to standardize testing, enhance quality control (QC), and streamline result management.

Features & Benefits

Reduce errors and unwarranted variations. Operationalize your data using powerful rules.
  • Digitalize best practices for QC testing and result management.
  • Identify and investigate nonconforming issues and document corrective actions quickly to help satisfy compliance and audit requirements using data-driven rules and built-in functionality.
  • Automate workflows for sample processing and reflex and repeat testing.
  • Implement rules to drive algorithm-based infectious-disease testing and facilitate ISLH hematology guidelines.
  • Coordinate pretest dilution processing, increase autoverification rates, and more.
Strengthen your QC program. Simplify daily management and monthly reviews.
  • Automatically identify QC issues, hold reporting of corresponding patient results, and prevent subsequent testing.
  • Enable staff to then easily identify and reprocess affected tests with just a few clicks.
  • Monitor QC using lab-defined, assay-specific Westgard rules.
  • Use patient-based moving averages to proactively identify trends—across lots, instruments, and assays.
  • Plot and compare multiple QC lots, levels, and instruments.
  • Help avoid information overload with modern, sleek, and simple interface.
  • Tailor views, editing, and administrative privileges to each user’s needs.
  • Spot problems easily with color codes, severity alerts, and customized dashboard counters.
  • Access information and take action quickly with quick-click navigation.
  • Add comments and manage single or multiple samples simultaneously.
  • Simplify staff access to the application with optional single sign-on to the hospital network via Active Directory.


  • Centralize management across multidisciplinary instruments, labs, and LISs with open, scalable software.
  • Sharpen clinical focus for individual uses with easy access to details needed for informed, accurate decisions.
  • Evaluate and accommodate patient-specific scenarios using patient demographics along with absolute and percentage-based delta checks.
  • Support staff adherence to lab protocols by providing scenario-specific information and automating tasks with iExpert.
  • Evaluate and verify patient results automatically based on predetermined criteria established by your lab for normal ranges, delta checks, quality control, and instrument flag severities.
  • Review only those results that require further action before reporting.
  • Add objectivity and consistency to the result review process, help technologists not to miss abnormal results, and focus attention where it is needed most.
  • Leverage sample-to-consumable and consumable-to-sample traceability.
Susan DawsonLab DirectorSwedish HospitalChicago, IL

Technical Details

Time-tested and proven solution provides intuitive user interface and easy navigation for fast and effective data management.

Technical Specifications

Used by some of the world’s largest laboratories, the robust performance of Atellica Data Manager evolved over many years. The software can be easily configured to support:

  • Multiple LIS systems
  • Multiple laboratory automation systems
  • Multiple sites spanning large geographic areas
  • Unlimited instrument connections
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited concurrent sessions
  • Full traceability and long-term data storage from an unlimited archive that is enabled, configured and maintained by the customer.
Traceable patient results: Easily identify which consumables were used to generate a patient result or which samples were processed using a specific consumable.

Traceable patient results: Easily identify which consumables were used to generate a patient result or which samples were processed using a specific consumable.

Connect and manage multiple labs, LISs, automation systems, and multidisciplinary instruments using a highly scalable, virtual, and open software solution with access to a growing library of more than 700 device drivers supporting approximately 1400 analyzer models from these and other manufacturers.

• Abbott
• Adaltys
• Alifax
• Beckman Coulter
• bioMérieux
• Bio-Rad
• CellaVision
• Diagnostica Stago
• DIESSE Diagnostica Senese
• DiaSorin
• Dynex Technologies
• Fujirebio
• Grifols
• Helena Laboratories

• Inova Diagnostics
• Instrument Laboratories
• Ortho Clinical Diagnostics
• Roche
• RR Mechatronics
• Sebia
• Siemens Healthineers
• Snibe Diagnostic
• Sysmex
• Thermo Fisher Scientific
• Tosoh Bioscience
• Trinity Biotech

Click here to see a current list of instrument interfaces that are supported by Atellica Data Manager. Availability of products varies by country. Ask your local Siemens Healthineers representative for a list of instruments available in your local market.