Make All the Right Connections with the Xprecia Stride AnalyzerMultiple connectivity options combined with maximum flexibility

The Xprecia Stride® Coagulation Analyzer was designed to be one of the most user-friendly coagulation analyzers on the market. From its intuitive touchscreen interface to its seamless data-management software, the Xprecia Stride analyzer was specifically designed to meet the needs of today’s busy healthcare professionals.

Xprecia Stride analyzer users need a fast and easy way to transfer analyzer test results to their PC, LIS, or HIS system. Now available are multiple connectivity options with maximum flexibility to accommodate their needs.



The Xprecia™ Data Management Software (DMS) is included at no additional cost with the purchase of the Xprecia Stride™ Analyzer. With this software, navigate through clean, simple interfaces to transfer results between the analyzer and a PC in a way that is both easy and efficient.

Flexible Data Reports and Workflow

  • Deliver comprehensive patient reporting
  • Quickly review and report on Quality Control status
  • Change information display screens

Transfer Capabilities (to PC)

  • Patient test results
  • Liquid quality-control (LQC) results
  • Analyzer fault logs/error messages

Transfer Capabilities (to Xprecia Stride Analyzer)

  • Operator ID list
  • Analyzer and operator settings
  • Analyzer software (firmware) upgrades



POCcelerator™ Software is an open data-management middleware solution used to connect devices from multiple manufacturers. This connectivity option provides a unidirectional interface from Xprecia™ DMS to the POCcelerator solution, giving users’ one central place to review patient and quality control results. The data is presented in the same clear, structured reports used for other connected devices.

Automated Software

  • POCcelerator continuously monitors a designed shared folder on a facility’s network for any new Xprecia DMS results file
  • Newly detected files are automatically transferred to POCcelerator with no user intervention

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