Training & Education

Training and Education

Broaden your knowledge of breast tomosynthesis and contrast-enhanced mammography by participating in reading sessions and symposia at international congresses or as part of comprehensive classroom-based courses. We also offer autodidactic online training. Or, if you prefer learning in a clinical environment, you can also attend a course at one of our proven fellowship sites.

Watch the Expert Talk

The contribution of Wide-Angle DBT and AI-based CAD in the detection of interval cancers

Prof. Dr. Sophia Zackrisson, Malmö/Sweden and
Dr. Alejandro Rodriguez-Ruiz, Nijmegen/The Netherlands

Interval cancers are among the biggest challenges in breast screening and until now traditional screening approaches have failed to be established as a satisfying solution.This webinar will demonstrate new insights about the detection of interval cancers.

Kindly note, that due to regulatory restrictions the content of this webinar is released for international without USA.

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