Atellica 1500 Automated Urinalysis System
A urinalysis system so advanced, it lets you do less and see more.

Atellica™1500 Automated Urinalysis System
Atellica 1500 Automated Urinalysis System

Do less and see more: Manage more samples with less staff in shorter time, without compromising on high-quality results

Atellica™1500 Automated Urinalysis System - covers open
Atellica 1500 Automated Urinalysis System

 Two advanced analyzers: the trusted CLINITEK Novus Analyzer and the new Atellica UAS 800 Analyzer

Atellica™1500 Automated Urinalysis System
Minimal consumables

Only cuvettes are needed – no liquid reagents with consumable exchanging taking less than 3 minutes

Combining the CLINITEK Novus® Analyzer and the new Atellica™ UAS 800 Analyzer* into one completely automated unit, the Atellica 1500 Automated Urinalysis System* sets the new standard for accuracy and efficiency. It is a truly digital automated urinalysis system, and lets you manage more samples with less staff in shorter time, while never compromising on high-quality results.

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*Not available for sale in U.S. Product availability varies by country.
External handheld bar-code reader optional
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