Facility Design ServicesPlanning healthcare facilities across the globe

Hospital planning and designing

While design is relevant in all healthcare sectors, it’s especially important in hospitals. Hospitals are complex buildings and notoriously difficult to get right. A recent review of empirical studies revealed a range of factors that define state-of-the-art healthcare facility design: effective ventilation systems, a good acoustic environment, appropriate lighting, ergonomic design, acuity-adaptable rooms, and efficient floor layouts and work settings1. Achieving the optimal environment for patient care requires a unique combination of architectural expertise and operational medical knowledge. Siemens Healthineers has all the experts on board to be your empowering partner.

Our planning solutions include:

  • Modality-specific layout and implementation solutions
  • Layout design solutions for clinical departments
  • Process and workflow visualization, simulation, and optimization
  • Layout and workflow visualization in 3D, 4D (including time), and virtual reality
  • CAD planning solutions in Building Information Modelling (BIM) format