Miniaturizing Immunoassay Testing for Point-of-care Applications

Future-generation Cardiac Diagnostics Solution from Siemens HealthineersEnable Lab-quality Immunoassay Testing at the Point of Care

Improving the patient experience is at the forefront of what we do. The acquisition of Minicare BV allows Siemens Healthineers to strengthen its technology position in immunoassay (IA) point-of-care testing.

There is a strong clinical need for a more portable, accurate, and simple-to-use point-of-care cardiac immunoassay. Minicare’s handheld technology will enable Siemens Healthineers to create the industry’s first end-to-end cardiac solution, aiming to enable clinically relevant IA testing with a focus on lab-quality cardiac assays.

By enhancing the Minicare analyte detection technology and integrating with Siemens Healthineers engineering expertise and global reach, our vision is that healthcare providers will be able to deliver lab-quality immunoassay testing in the right setting for their patients at the right time.