IgG Subclass 1–4 Immunoassays

The Comprehensive Solution for IgG Determination

The determination of IgG subclass concentrations is indicated for diagnostic clarification in patients with increased susceptibility to infection, malfunctioning immune defense systems, and abnormally frequent and/or prolonged or severe infections that cannot be explained by standard clinical and laboratory data. Siemens Healthineers solution for IgG determination combines high precision with the trusted performance of the BN™ Systems for a comprehensive solution you can rely on.

  • Comprehensive solution for IgG determination from one source
  • Optimally aligned innovative assays and analyzers
  • Assay protocols with pre-reaction for antigen-excess security
  • The ability to measure all four subclasses provides insight into deficiencies that may be masked in a total IgG measurement or predominant IgG1.