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Biograph Vision QuadraBigger perspective. Better answers.

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The power of a proven platform. The perspective of a large axial PET field of view. Biograph Vision Quadra™1 takes the potential of PET/CT even further. Dynamically see vertex to thighs in a single position and deepen the dimension of your investigations. Whether you’re exploring new research questions or identifying the best clinical approach, with Biograph Vision Quadra, the answers are yours to find.

Fonctionnalités et avantages

Biograph Vision Quadra engineered

Engineered for new research dimensions

With 106 cm axial PET field of view, Biograph Vision Quadra offers a whole-body (vertex to thighs) perspective so you can scan more in one position to dynamically follow tracer kinetics throughout the body. And with best-in-class time-of-flight performance and PET effective sensitivity,2 you can see with outstanding clarity. From tumor perfusion over time, to diverse physiological processes, to pediatric imaging and more, Biograph Vision Quadra exponentially expands your realm of investigation.

Biograph Vision Quadra outcomes

Developed to reshape clinical outcomes

The accuracy, performance, and reproducibility of Biograph Vision are the gold standard in PET/CT imaging. With Biograph Vision Quadra, you achieve the same outstanding detail and definition that you have come to expect—increased detectability of smaller lesions, reduced scan time and effective dose, and faster evaluation of treatment impact.3 And now with higher effective sensitivity gained from a 106 cm axial PET field of view and best-in-class time of flight,2 no matter your imaging application, Biograph Vision Quadra delivers proven clinical outcomes at a greater scale.

Biograph Vision Quadra built

Built to advance your vision

Be at the forefront of PET/CT with Biograph Vision Quadra. Leverage the power of a proven platform along with the perspective of 106 cm axial PET field of view to lead the way in clinical and translational research— pioneering therapies, developing breakthrough procedures, and facilitating novel diagnostics. Biograph Vision Quadra enables streamlined information sharing to enhance your strategic collaborations and partnerships. Count on us for access to our renowned team of research and development experts. Distinguish your institution and strengthen your ability to attract world‐class talent, whose ideas will become the advancements that define the next generation of healthcare.

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Exclusive bed design and wide bore

3.2 mm LSO crystals

Optiso UDR detector

Extended axial PET field of view


Whole-body dynamic imaging

CT capability

Wide range for Dual Energy applications ready for routine scanning


Tin Filter

    Approche clinique

    Caractéristiques techniques

    Biograph Vision Quadra scanner image

    Have an in-depth look at the technology behind the Biograph Vision Quadra PET/CT scanner.

    Optiso UDR detector

    Optiso UDR’s proprietary 3.2 mm LSO crystals move silicon photomultiplier (SiPM) technology beyond digital to a new level of precision to help you detect small lesions, devise accurate treatment strategies, and achieve optimal performance in a wide range of count rates.

    Spécifications techniques


    Bore diameter

    78 cm

    Tunnel length

    235 cm

    Table capacity

    227 kg (500 lb)


    Generator power

    100 kW

    Rotation times

    1.0, 0.5, 0.33, 0.30, 0.28 s

    Tube voltages

    70, 80, 100, 120, 140 kV

    Iterative reconstruction


    Metal artifact reduction





    Axial field of view

    106 cm

    Crystal size

    3.2 x 3.2 x 20 mm

    SiPM coverage of crystal array


    Effective sensitivity

    1000 cps/kBq**

    Time of flight performance

    ≤228 ps***