Free staff time and save reagent space with automated QCProductivity you can count on powered by Atellica® Solution

Laboratories need to perform quality control (QC) daily, in order to ensure they are reporting trustworthy results consistently.

Automated management of QC and calibration materials on the Atellica Solution can help reduce hands-on time without sacrificing throughput or reagent space.

  • Onboard refrigerated storage for 60 controls reduces material waste and consumables without sacrificing reagent space
  • Workflow studies in two European sites showed that automatic QC scheduling reduced operator burden by between 26 and 85 minutes per day, respectively, and reduced QC hands-on time by 65% and 94% per shift, respectively*
  • Assay-based automated calibration alerts and scheduling

Transforming care delivery with sophisticated, smart workflows with less human intervention and data-driven insight.
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