Atellica PM 1.0 SoftwareLaboratory management system keeps your lab up and running–without running around.

Atellica™ PM 1.0 Software is a lab process management software that will simplify how you manage laboratory operations. Now you can manage alerts, remotely control instruments, and monitor onboard inventory and testing progress―all from one screen.

  • Monitor and manage lab processes from both inside and outside the clinical lab with real-time visual cues and alerts.
  • Maintain control over laboratory operations at all times by viewing, navigating, and operating connected instruments* as if you were standing in front of them.
  • View your individual lab configuration in 3-D—which can include different locations, departments, or sites if desired.
  • Track onboard inventory consumption and receive low-consumable and -reagent alerts.
  • Manage exceptions for routine and STAT samples via user-defined settings.
  • Streamline performance monitoring with robust process analytics, enabling you to spot trends and improve outcomes.