FAST 3D CameraAutomated precise patient positioning in CT

Test your abilities by selecting proper orientation, scan range, and consistent isocenter CT patient positioning in the skills challenge below. You will be scored, based on accuracy and the time it takes you to complete the challenge. Time will not be tracked between cases but when a patient is on the table… time is ticking. Share your results with your peers and send the challenge to them.

The FAST 3D Camera makes correct patient positioning a breeze. Its AI algorithms capture the patient’s shape, position, and height in three dimensions and further optimize this data with the help of infrared measurements – so you can provide first-time-right scans with the ideal isocenter, exact topogram, and right dose modulation based on the topogram.

Explore the potential benefits that the utilization of medical imaging in combination with FAST 3D Camera can offer to optimize healthcare experience.


To help you precisely position your patients, we’ve invented the FAST 3D Camera. FAST stands for "Fully Assisting Scanner Technologies".

  • The FAST 3D Camera captures the patient’s shape, positioning, and height in three dimensions
  • Using infrared measurement, it even recognizes body contour, which is especially useful when, for example, patients are wearing thick clothes
CT Somatom Pro.Pulse Patient Interaction

Now at the push of a button you can leverage the power of automation for accurate and reproducible positioning. The new “zero-click” solution on the Touch Panels or Scan&GO Tablets run three unique algorithms simultaneously to support accurate and reproducible positioning:

  • FAST Isocentering: provides the correct isocenter position, enabling the right dosemodulation and consistent images
  • FAST Range: supports scanning the correct body region with no truncation by aligning theautomatically identified anatomical position with the protocol
  • FAST Direction: helps safeguard the right CT scan direction, which is crucial when moving thetable with infused patients

The utilization of the FAST 3D Camera through touch panels allows to perform the whole protocol preparation next to the patient. This not only benefits the operator with a simpler workflow that reduces walking time, but also allows them to promote patient-centered healthcare, fostering an environment where the patient's needs and well-being are at the forefront of the medical experience.


Explore our latest innovation: The gantry-mounted FAST 3D Camera1 offering a smart and cost-efficient alternative to the conventional ceiling-mounted setup.

The gantry-mounted FAST 3D Camera1 offers a compact design, simplified maintenance access and a less complicated installation process due to the direct attachment of the camera to the gantry. This configuration is particularly advantageous in settings with limited space. Both configurations ensure a stable connection between the camera and scanner for precise patient positioning.