syngo CTO GuidanceExpand your procedure mix by treating more CTO patients

Treating Chronic Total Occlusions (CTOs) is one of the most challenging procedures in interventional cardiology. Incomplete crossing of the lesion is a high risk. syngo CTO Guidance enables better planning with automatic segmentation of coronary CTAs. Further, it provides guidance during the procedure with color-coded COROwave to avoid foreshortening. This enables more physicians to treat complex CTO cases and helps to expand the hospital’s procedure mix.

Features & Benefits

  • Automated segmentation of the coronaries, centerline extraction, and color-coding of the centerlines.
  • Color-coding indicates foreshortening of the vessel segment. This allows optimal angulations of the lesion segment to be selected, which is typically not visible on X-ray before the actual procedure begins.
  • Color-coded centerlines are used for registration during the case. Therefore, less angiography images are needed.

The additional use of syngo CTO Guidance in interventional treatment of CTO facilitates wire crossing and positioning allowing side-by-side (fluoro and CTA images) guidance. Further information such as calcification and the true length and course of closed vessel segments are useful for wire selection, procedural orientation, and success.

Clinical Use

Siemens - Advanced Therapies - syngo CTO Guidance - Recanalization of a Chronic Total Occlusion

Recanalization of a Chronic Total Occlusion

Supported by syngo CTO Guidance

CT Angiography for Revascularization of CTO

Stephan Achenbach et al., JACC Cardiovasc Imaging. 2015

Technical Details

syngo CTO Guidance requires a coronary CT. The color-coded centerlines can be overlaid on fluoroscopy. For color-rendering the centerline is represented by a series of small segments. The SOMATOM Force for example provides Turbo Flash coronary CT angiographic imaging at ultra-low dose for the evaluation of coronary stenosis.

General Requirements

  • Artis Q.zen
  • Artis zee
  • ARTIS pheno
  • Artis Q