nexaris Angio-CT At the nexus of treatment innovation

The aging population and value-based reimbursement have raised demand for minimally invasive procedures that enhance both patient care and cost efficiency. This calls for innovation in IR.

The nexaris Angio-CT is the first hybrid suite with Instant Fusion that seamlessly integrates angio and CT2, 3 images. Even wireless ultrasound images can be displayed side-by-side on the large display. Angio, CT and ultrasound images are available at a single glance. Now it’s easier than ever to perform challenging, multi-modality procedures, streamline workflows and advance therapy outcomes with the peace of mind every pioneer needs.

  • Directly access angio and CT with stunning Instant Fusion4 and Quick Switching between modalities
  • Two teams share one CT in efficient multi-room configurations
  • Explore new procedures, devices and pathways with peace of mind
  • Assess treatment response and personalize treatment