Multitom RaxJoin the new movement with robotic X-ray

With the new X-ray scanner Multitom Rax, it’s no longer either/or. Multitom Rax uniquely combines patient care and productivity, bringing them to a whole new level.

Its Robotic Advanced X-ray technology (RAX) delivers a combination of high asset utilization, new clinical insights including natural Real 3D1, and less patient positioning and transfers.

All in one room. It’s the world’s first Twin Robotic X-ray scanner.

  • Perform a multitude of X-rays – in just one room
  • See reality with Real 3D – for the first time
  • Let the robots move – not your patients
  • Define standards easily – and multiply your productivity
  • Be future-proof – with Twin Robotic X-ray
  • MAX effect to multiply gains