Insights Series 44: Meeting patients where they are

Meeting patients where they are

Insights Series, issue 44 

Article author: Isabel Nieto Alvarez | Reading time: 4 minutes

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Hospitals worldwide are wrestling with the issue of access to care. Decentralization of health systems is at the heart of a £2.3 billion initiative in England seeking to increase the amount of diagnostic capacity and activity across the country. The idea is to open 165 Community Diagnostic Centres (CDCs) within a few years, which will be key aspects of reform efforts to improve efficiency, quality, and patient outcomes.  

CDCs will be...

  • A connected yet decentralized network of healthcare centres 
  • Potentially able to mitigate growing backlogs and long patient wait times
  • Unique and influenced by different integrated care systems and local patient pathway requirements
  • Able to ensure better population health outcomes, improve the patient experience, reduce health inequalities
  • Making care more available, affordable and accepted by the population being served
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