CS-5100 System

Discover the high-volume coagulation analyzer with PSI technology and full-automation connectivity

Sysmex CS-5100 System

          CS-5100 System

The CS-5100 Hemostasis System is a random-access, high-volume coagulation analyzer. Simultaneous multiwavelength, smartly designed PSITM technology enables labs to achieve high-quality results on the first test run by identifying and managing unsuitable test specimens prior to analysis. Automated sample volume checks and qualitative detection of hemolysis, icterus, and lipemia1 minimize the need for manual sample inspection.

Features & Benefits

Break through routine levels of performance with high precision in high-volume testing

The CS-5100 System is a fully automated, high-volume hemostasis analyzer, enabling:

DX Hemostasis orange icon efficiency

Operational efficiency

High throughput and reagent and consumable capacity allow extended walkaway time and increased productivity.
DX Hemostasis orange icon workflow flexibility

Workflow flexibility

Multidisciplinary connectivity options allow customizable integration with automation solutions or stand-alone use, ideal for multisite labs.

DX Hemostasis orange icon sample integrity

Sample integrity

The system uses pre-analytical checks of sample quality to identify and manage unsuitable samples for fewer reruns.

DX Hemostasis orange icon digital solutions

Optimized digital solutions

Whether hemostasis is fully integrated or stand-alone, Siemens Healthineers offers a wide range of digital solutions that help to optimize clinical operations.

Pre-analytical Variables in Routine Coagulation Testing whitepaper

Discover the science behind reliable results. 

The CS-5100 System supports more-reliable results using PSI technology. However, there are additional pre-analytical variables associated with coagulation testing that also must be considered.

Complete the form to download the white paper: Pre-analytical Variables in Routine Coagulation Testing: Setting the Stage for Accurate Results.

The CS-5100 System offers high-volume and multisite labs advanced operational options to help achieve streamlined workflow and high-quality test results on the first run.

Sysmex CS-5100 System product tour

Scalable solutions

Automated cap-piercing

Pre-analytical checks of sample quality

Simultaneous multiwavelength scanning

Integrated platelet aggregation testing

Compact floor-model analyzer

Advanced reagent management 

High-capacity throughput

Smart IT and automation solutions

Intuitive software

Comprehensive traceability

Extended walkaway time

  1. product tour scalable

    • Shared reagents, consumables,6 controls, and calibrators simplify purchases for multisite labs
    • Similar user software minimizes training requirements for multisite users.
    • Results correlate with the CS-2500 and CA-600 hemostasis systems.

    6Excludes CA-620/660 Systems cuvettes.


INNOVANCE reagents assay photo

Our hemostasis assay portfolio ranges from standard PT and APTT testing to the breakthrough von Willebrand factor activity-testing technology in the INNOVANCE® VWF Ac assay.

The CS-5100 System offers an expansive test menu of routine and specialty hemostasis assays (including several INNOVANCE assays), all on a single instrument, allowing labs to run more tests per sample while processing a higher number of samples.

Download the reagent portfolio brochure for an overview of the complete CS-5100 System test menu

Technical Specifications

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