40 years of Siemens CT"Setting new standards" VS. "Following trends" – Second best is not an option.

It all started with SIRETOM, 1975.
It all started with SIRETOM, 1975.

In 1975, Siemens launched SIRETOM, the first head CT scanner. Since that day, we have worked ceaselessly to advance computed tomography, setting new standards in imaging. Together with our many cooperation partners, we have found ways to improve diagnosis and treatment guidance, boost patient comfort, and reduce radiation doses. Year after year, innovation after innovation, right up to the present day.

Feel free to dive into CT history – and to celebrate 40 successful years. Together.

  • Find out why in 1895, the scientific community suspected “Röntgen must be crazy”
  • Discover which innovation made it possible to acquire the first sharp images of the beating heart
  • Read about mummies and dinosaur skeletons in a CT scanner 

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