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The 5-step Quality Process of Siemens Healthineers ecoline systems

We at Siemens Healthineers aim with ecoline to use our resources more effectively and become more sustainable. In today’s healthcare systems, maintaining profitability can be challenging. To offer your patients the best possible and most appropriate experience, you have to keep up to date. But offering new services usually comes with a price. Differentiate yourself with high-quality medical imaging equipment from Siemens Healthineers while keeping your total cost of ownership down.

Our ecoline systems are refurbished following independent certified processes

To ensure high quality and safety and effectiveness, our ecoline systems undergo our 5-step Quality Process and receive the Proven Excellence Quality Certificate after being successfully refurbished. With that Siemens Healthineers confirms that ecoline systems are refurbished following independently certified processes according to the relevant standard for medical devices (ISO 134851). This takes place in alignment with the procedures of the global refurbishment standard for medical imaging equipment² where applicable, leading to a quality level comparable to when new.

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