AI-Rad Companion supports the physicians reading workflow and may increase your diagnostic precision when interpreting medical images

Experience AI-based imaging decision support

AI-Rad Companion


Experience AI-Rad Companion Trial Light2

With AI-Rad Companion Trial Light2 you can easily experience the quality of our algorithms – directly via your browser and without any installation effort.

How to use AI-Rad Companion Trial Light

AI-Rad Companion Trial access

Open AI-Rad Companion Trial Light

Experience the power of AI-Rad Companion yourself, by clicking here or visiting (works best with your Chrome browser).

AI-Rad Companion Trial image upload

Process clinical images

Register or login with your Siemens Healthineers ID and upload your own clinical images. The tool will automatically remove any personal data that we do not require before transferring and processing the images in the background. You can also evaluate from pre-processed image data sets in the tool.

AI-Rad Companion Trial review

Review results

You can review processed image data sets and the results directly in the browser. Additionally, all results will be sent to you via email. Please note that AI-Rad Companion Trial Light is currently only available for AI-Rad Companion Chest X-ray3. Further functionalities for Trial Light may follow in the future.

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