syngo.CT Dynamic Angio

syngo.CT Dynamic Angio has been designed to perform a dynamic vessel evaluation by visualizing the flow of contrast from the arteries to the veins. It also allows the visual inspection of time attenuation curves.

Clinical Applications
syngo.CT Dynamic Angio helps to inspect diseases which affect the vessel system, vascular malformations, control of stent graft extravasation, or the evaluation of tumor vascularization.

Features & Benefits

  • Bone removal – provides two different bone removal algorithms optimized for various body regions. The automated algorithm removes the bone voxels from the baseline of the scan, while the HU-based algorithm removes all pixels outside free-definable thresholds
  • Phase creation – new volumes can be created by summarizing user-selected time points, e.g. to create arterial or venous phases
  • Motion correction – reduces motion artifacts based on a body-region specific algorithm
  • 4D Noise Reduction – offers excellent image quality at lowest possible dose
  • Table Removal – helps to visualize the blood vessels without interfering structures
  • Evaluation of time attenuation curves and automated calculation of Baseline, Temporal Maximum Intensity Projection (tMIP) and Temporal Average Volumes (tAVG)
  • A movie of all time points can be created and adapted with the usual 3D tools like Clipbox, Clip Plane or VOI-Punch if necessary
  • Time-slider for a smooth navigation through the time-points

General Requirements

syngo.via VA11

Please Note: Additional technical pre-requisites may apply. Upon receiving your request, your local Siemens representative will clarify whether your system meets the requirements.


syngo.CT Dynamic Angio is part of the CT Neuro Engine that also features the workflows:
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