Be where your patients need you most

What could happen when critical testing results are delivered patient-side in less than 1 minute with a system that securely connects the entire care team?

With the epoc® Blood Analysis System as the nexus of care, caregivers and the laboratory can stay connected to what’s important—being where patients need them most.

Join us at the virtual launch on October 16, 2021 of our new epoc® Blood Analysis System. We will discuss how this new system could simplify critical care testing process in the hospital, followed by a product demonstration of the device and a Q&A session at the end.

Features & Benefits

Patient diagnosis and treatment may happen faster. The hospital may make better use of resources. Patient safety may be enhanced with a simplified testing process and integrated positive patient ID. The streamlined testing workflow could help reduce costs. Outcomes could improve, and a complete, consistent clinical picture would be accessible across the care continuum. 
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