Nexaris Angio-CT

At the nexus of treatment innovation

The aging population and value-based reimbursement have raised demand for minimally-invasive procedures that enhance both patient care and cost efficiency. This calls for new solutions in Interventional Radiology.

Nexaris Angio-CT
Nexaris Angio-CT is a hybrid interventional suite with Instant Fusion that seamlessly integrates Angio and CT images. Even wireless ultrasound images can be displayed side-by-side on the Large Display so that Angio, CT and ultrasound images are available at a single glance. This enables you to perform challenging multi-modality procedures and streamline workflows with the piece of mind every pioneer needs.

Features & Benefits

Two teams share one CT in multi-room configurations
Multi-room options let you share equipment between rooms, so that these can host a wider variety of disciplines. This may be more cost-efficient and can even improve ROI.

nexaris Angio-CT Interventional Radiology - Angiography
  • Park the CT and Angio when they're not in use for better access to the patient
  • Patient-centric design means the system comes to the patient, not the other way round
  • Flexible two-room configuration adapts to your clinical, operational and financial goals

Powered by a common coordinate system, CT and angiography images are now seamlessly integrated and instantly fused together. The stunning result is Instant Fusion, providing you with crystal clear overlays and road maps at your finger tips.

nexaris Angio CT
  • Quick Switching facilitates combined ablations and embolization in one session on one table
  • The Artis Cockpit lets you control and visualize angio and CT images using one monitor, keyboard and mouse
  • Wireless-ultrasound, Angio and CT images can be shown side by side on the Large Display

Paving Clinical Pathways


Explore new procedures, devices and pathways with peace of mind

Explore new procedures, devices and pathways with peace of mind

  • Manage bone metastasis in the pelvis or spine with ablation, bone cement and screw fixation
  • For blunt poly trauma, locate the bleeding with CT and potentially stabilize it under angio guidance
  • Stroke workflow may be improved with CT diagnosis and angio-guided clot retrieval in one room
Assess treatment response and personalize treatment

Assess treatment response and personalize treatment

Assess treatment response and personalize treatment

  • CT-perfusion may help assess intra-procedural therapy response for organs covering up to 16.7 cm
  • TwinBeam Dual Energy delivers quantitative iodine maps to to assess iodine uptaking lesions

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Tuesday, September 12
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm (CEST) 
Location: Auditorium 2, Bella Center Copenhagen

Image of Philippe Pereira, MD.

P. Pereira, MD.

Image of Rias Salem, M.D.

Precision in embolization on a combined Angio-CT system

R. Salem, MD.
Moderator & Speaker

Siemens Healthineers CIRSE Bernhard Meyer

A flexible and precise angio system in my daily IR practice

B. Meyer, MD.

Image of Yngve Forslin, MD

Precise CT-guided ablation in renal cell carcinoma -myNeedle Companion

Y. Forstin, MD.

Clinical evidence in embolization and ablation  


Clinical Use

Professor Philipp Paprottka, MD, Head of Interventional Radiology at University Hospital rechts der Isar of the Technical University of Munich, talks about the significant expansion of minimally invasive, image-guided interventions thanks to the new Nexaris Angio-CT.

An Angio-CT solution allows CT scans and angiographic imaging to support interventional treatment in one place without the need to transport patients. This combination supports fast diagnosis and treatment and is recognized as a suitable life-saving measure during the “golden hour” which is essential in saving the life of trauma patients.

Jeonbuk Regional Trauma Center at Wonkwang University Hospital is the first facility in Korea to implement an Angio-CT hybrid emergency room to further enhance minimally-invasive treatments for patients.

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