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ACUSON AcuNav Volume 4D ICE Catheter

Integral to excellence. 
Advanced procedures require advanced imaging.

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Infographic of Structural heart diseases are on the rise

Structural heart disease procedures will increase almost three-fold by 2030

The next generation of structural heart procedures will require mastery over technique and technology to ensure we maintain amazing outcomes for patients. 

More complex procedures require more advanced imaging. The ACUSON AcuNav 4D Volume ICE catheter delivers the excellence and efficiency you require, now and into the future.

Visionary leadership
Integral to excellence

Leading the pack

As the inventors of the intracardiac echocardiography (ICE) catheter, we keep moving the bar and pushing forward. Why? Because you need optimal imaging tools to provide the best outcomes for your patients. 

Smart Simulator 

Put the benefits of 4D Volume ICE to work for you and your patients.

Smart Simulator

Your simulated hands-on experience to practice manipulation of the catheter

Expert Guidance

Dedicated time with an experienced physician for 4D ICE education

AcuNav Academy

Engage in personalized competency-based online education

Master Class

Connect with leading industry clinicians in a physician-led class

Advanced accuracy
Integral to excellence

With over 2 million patients impacted, Siemens Healthineers is the ICE market leader. 

Global 4D ICE Imaging Consortium
"4D ICE imaging enables visualization of the forgotten valves, guidance of novel structural heart disease interventions, and treatment of the formerly ‘untreatable’ patients.” 9 

Next-level innovation happens when leaders come together. As industry leaders, it is our responsibility to partner with independent experts in the advancement of 4D ICE for patients and the industry.

Six 4D ICE benefits

As presented at ACC 2023 by the Global 4D ICE Imaging Consortium:

  • Supports the unique challenges and needs of the aging population9
  • Expands innovative SHD therapy options9
  • Increases treatable patient profile via conscious sedation9
  • Overcomes limitations of TEE imaging9
  • Provides unique viewing angles and acoustic windows9
  • Improves cost efficiency by avoiding intubation, reducing anesthesiology and nursing staff, and reducing procedure and operating time9
  • Utilize the most complete suite of 2D and 4D AI-powered applications on the market
  • Gain precision and speed with advanced imaging and measurement tools
  • Stay current with continuous improvement for hardware and software, and new remote service support
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