Siemens Healthineers Guardian Program™

Siemens Healthineers Guardian Program™Stand up to downtime and protect your most valuable systems


Downtime can negatively impact your revenue and reputation. Ensure maximum availability on your most important systems with Siemens Healthineers Guardian Program™, which can be one of the most effective ways to avoid unexpected downtime. With Guardian, all connected systems proactively relay data to the Siemens Customer Care Center, where a dedicated expert monitors everything in real-time, looking for even the slightest deviations from standard operating conditions. The moment a potential issue is discovered, a Guardian Expert opens a service ticket for the affected system and/or contacts the customer with recommendations for immediate action. (e.g., remote repairs or the scheduling of an on-site visit.)

The Guardian Program is a seamless combination of hardware, software, and human intelligence, all working in unison. It ensures potential problems are rectified fast—often before malfunctions occur—so customers can maximize the utility of their equipment and avoid disruptions that compromise care, throughput, patient satisfaction—and ultimately their budgets.

Features & Benefits

How Guardian Works

01. We Monitor

Real-time Smart Remote Services Preventative Event Monitoring

Using a secure remote connection and the latest software, trained engineers, supported by artificial Intelligence and automatic ticketing, monitor your system, anticipating any malfunction, and optimizing performance.

02. We Consult

Expert Decisions and Proactive Response

In case of malfunction, we'll repair the problem remotely or send an engineer to your site - often resolving a problem long before you were aware of it.

03. We Guarantee

Expert Decisions and Proactive Response

Regardless of your challenge, we guarantee our engineers will work on the issue tirelessly so that it's quickly resolved - simple as that.

04. We Report

Evaluate Performance

We provide easy-to-understand reports for one-stop access to system maintenance and performance analytics.

Key Benefits

Faster problem-solving with real-time, continuous monitoring

Increased system reliability and availability

Scheduling flexibility for repair or preventative maintenance

Significant reduction of downtime and unscheduled outages

Maximized patient throughput and productivity

Technical Details

Guardian with TubeGuard™

Predicting your tube’s life cycle with continuous real-time monitoring

Part of the Guardian Program™, TubeGuard predicts possible tube failures in computed tomography and molecular imaging systems.

With its proactive repair times and scheduled maintenance visits, TubeGuard can help you protect reimbursement revenue and avoid losses. In case of a predictable tube failure, the replacement can be scheduled during off peak hours to keep department operations running smoothly.

Guardian with ImageGuard

True confidence in your detector’s performance

The Guardian Program, including ImageGuard, provides higher system utilization through real-time proactive diagnostics of the entire system, including detectors.

With ImageGuard, you can reduce workflow interruptions by combining advanced remote monitoring technology with trained experts who are dedicated to predicting service needs, turning unplanned downtime into planned maintenance.