Laparoscopic Surgery - PCNLsyngo DynaCT- guided kidney stone therapy (PCNL)

Patient safety is the guiding principle in kidney stone therapy. This means both the best possible therapeutical outcome and the lowest radiation dose possible. Safe and precise support for the puncture of the kidney and avoidance of second treatments after an incomplete PCNL, when small fragments of kidney stones are left in the renal calices, is the way to achieve this.


This is where syngo DynaCT finds its place in Endourology. Prof. Michel and his team at the University Hospital Mannheim have chosen an Artis zee ceiling system to fulfill their requirements for better interventional image quality and reductions in radiation exposure to both the patient and the urologist.

3D imaging during PCNL helps them find even very small stone fragments in the renal calcices. Integrated needle guidance with syngo iGuide and a laser cross-hair on the detector aid in planning trajectories to precisely puncture the kidney.

The system thereby allows easy patient access as well as steep angulations necessary for treating obese patients.

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