Uroskop Omnia MaxSharper images made smarter

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In urology, inferior image quality, insufficient system ergonomics, and suboptimal image management can result in uncertain decision-making, cumbersome case reparation, and even delays during an intervention. Offering superior imaging technology, free patient access, and an unhindered view of all modalities, our urology device Uroskop Omnia Max supports you in optimizing operational efficiency and patient safety.

  • Sharper images with CARE – with the lowest possible dose
  • Smart workflows – from patient access to system positioning
  • Smart integration – for more efficiency and safety

Features & Benefits

Uroskop Omnia Max
  1. High anode heat capacity (820 kHU) and air-cooled X-ray tube assembly

  2. System-mounted swivel arm with two large 48 cm (19’’) TFT displays
  3. SmartView3 – access to all imaging modalities and display of live images from multiple sources such as endoscopy, ultrasound or review workstations
  4. MoodLight3 – a colorful LED light and soft color transitions for a relaxing atmosphere
  5. 43 cm x 43 cm (17” x 17”) dynamic flat detector for excellent static and dynamic imaging
  6. Fully motorized table with max. weight capacity of 272 kg (600 lbs), tilting ± 90° for examinations with patient seated or standing

  7. Multifunctional foot switch3 – intuitive, sterile control of all system movements and video functions, exposure and fluoroscopy
  8. Single remote console for control of table, tube and detector movements
  9. Workstation with 48 cm (19’’) TFT display, DiamondView MAX for increased image sharpness and soft tissue detail

  10. Choice of 65 kW or 80 kW3 high-frequency generator
Sharper images at lowest possible dose

Limited anatomical coverage and image quality can result in low diagnostic confidence and a higher patient dose. Delivering distortion-free, high-quality dynamic sequences as well as static images of the entire KUB tract in one exposure and at low dose, the urology device Uroskop Omnia Max supports effective treatments.

  • Comprehensive dose reduction with CARE2 features – without compromising image quality
  • Live and reference images side by side during interventions – and endoscopy images in High Definition
  • Safe imaging, even of children – assisted by radiation-free positioning3 and dedicated parameters
Unique ergonomics – from patient access to system positioning

In some urology procedures, patient access can be an issue – to the point that the entire OR setup has to be adjusted, which slows down the speed of care. By offering truly unrestricted patient access from all sides, Uroskop Omnia Max is a urology device that eliminates the need for patient repositioning.

  • Patented curved X-ray column design – free patient access from all four sides
  • One-button system positioning – SmartMove enables fastest and shortest route to any position
  • Safe operation – of all system and imaging functions with the multifunctional foot switch3 or the hand-held control

Having to fetch required images from various sources or transfer patients to different rooms can disrupt processes and create wait times. Enhance patient satisfaction and save valuable time with our one-stop solutions in a safe, digital environment.

  • One urology workplace for all procedures – helps you boost your workflow and efficiency
  • Convenient image storage – images from connected modalities are filed along with X-rays in a single patient folder
  • High level of data security – with a comprehensive cybersecurity package


Fleet Level Benefits

As healthcare provider you are forced to do more with less, you have to run your radiology department more efficiently. A high level of complexity makes it challenging for you to reach the desired efficiency. Siemens Healthineers offers specific solutions across the entire X-ray portfolio that let you standardize, analyze, and secure your fleet. Experience consistency, transparency, and confidence as valuable Fleet Level Benefits and improve outcomes, increase efficiency – and achieve greater staff and patient satisfaction.

  • Standardize for consistency
  • Analyze for transparency
  • Secure for confidence

Clinical Use

With the imaging provided by the urology device Uroskop Omnia Max, you can offer a broad range of diagnostic and therapeutic examinations ‒ and expand your clinical spectrum even beyond urology.

  • Urodiagnostics
  • Endourology
  • (Video-) Urodynamics
  • Lithotripsy

Technical Specifications


65 kW or 80 kW3

X-ray tube

High anode heat capacity (820 kHU) and air-cooled

Dynamic flat detector

43 cm x 43 cm (17” x 17”)

Pulsed fluoroscopy

30, 15, 10, 7.5, and 3 p/s

Table size

115 cm x 76 cm (45’’ x 30’’)

Table height

72 cm to 122 cm (28’’ to 48’’) adjustable

Table tilt

± 90° for examinations with patient seated or standing

Trendelenburg tilt

± 15° around perineal table end

Table load

272 kg (600 lbs)

System-mounted swivel arm & workstation

Two large 48 cm (19’’) TFT displays