multix impact


with myExam Companion

Strengthen your image with our floor-mounted radiography system

In radiography, the way patients and referring physicians perceive your institution can enhance – or hinder – your success. MULTIX Impact1 is a high-end, floor-mounted radiography system that comes at an economical price and improves access to care. Its welcoming design and user-friendly digital imaging capabilities help you produce excellent images in a more personal way and make a positive impression on everyone involved.

Features & Benefits

The world of radiology is changing – and we have a clear vision of its future. myExam Companion enables MULTIX Impact to use the new possibilities of digitalization to turn data into built-in expertise for consistent results every time. You gain intelligent technology and multi-system benefits that will assist you and your team for years to come.

Strengthen your image with patients

MULTIX Impact creates a positive patient experience. The welcoming, modern design enhances well-being, and the tube-mounted touchscreen allows staff to stay with patients for longer. A positioning camera and Csl detector protect patients – including children – from unnecessary radiation

Strengthen your image with staff

We designed this system with staff in mind. Training takes just ten hours, and application support is always available. The Positioning Guide makes it easy to prepare even complex scans quickly, while motorization and tracking features reduce the physical burden of imaging.

Strengthen your image with referring physicians

Good relationships with referring physicians are crucial. That’s why MULTIX impact offers fast digital imaging cycles, pre-configured organ programs (OGPs), and quick image flavor adjustments. They help your radiologists provide referring physicians with robust diagnostic findings in good time.

Technical Details

MULTIX Impact – Innovation in floor-mounted radiography

MULTIX Impact is designed with patients in mind. Its modern design makes a welcoming impression that improves the patient experience. The free-floating flat table top and positioning camera* enable comfortable, accurate patient positioning and the tube touchscreen allows staff to stay with patients for most of the time. Experience intuitive imaging software and system handling, a helpful patient Positioning Guide and advanced motorization and tracking* functions.

Room Planning Tool
Use our interactive room planner to work out the best MULTIX Impact configuration for your needs.

Clinical Use

Technical Specifications

  1. Floor-mounted tube
    • 10” touchscreen for complete control at the patient’s side and access to the Positioning Guide
    • Automatic Bucky wall stand height tracking Impact
  2. Bucky wall stand (BWS) • • Vertical travel range: up to 147 cm
    • Motorized vertical movements*
    • Fixed detector Core static*
  3. 23.8” All-in-one PC
    • Intuitive imaging system
    • Fast image flavor setting
    • Positioning guide
    • Touchscreen user interface*
  4. Impact Illuminate*
    Indicates the system status
  5. Motorised collimator*
    • Automatic Collimation: Size Sensing
    • Patient positioning camera* to monitor patients in real time
  6. Table*
    • Adjustable height*: from 51.5 cm to 90 cm

    • High weight capacity: 300 kg

    • Comfortable patient positioning with flat table top

  7. Wireless remote control*
    • Collimation field size
    • Pre-configured BWS positions
    • BWS vertical movements
    • BWS and tube height tracking
  8. Detectors*
    • with in-tray charging
    MAX wi-D*
    • with detector sharing
    Core XL
  9. Impact Illuminate*
    Indicates the system status

  10. Remote interface*
    Tablet-based workflow. Access major imaging system functions on the go

Patient table


Table height (fixed table)

70 cm

Table height (elevating table*)

51.5 cm to 90.0 cm; total lift 38.5 cm (tabletop)

Tabletop length

233 cm (optional short tabletop: 213 cm)

Tabletop width

80 cm

Max. patient weight

300 kg

Max. patient coverage

Approx. 190 cm without patient repositioning (with standard tabletop)

Tabletop - detector distance

≤ 73 mm

Column stand


Longitudinal travel range

Long rail: 231 cm
Medium rail: 152 cm
Short rail: 66 cm

Vertical travel range

147 cm

Lowest central beam height

33 cm

Column stand rotation

± 180°, detents at 0°, ± 90°, + 180°

X-ray tube rotation range

± 140°, detents at 0°, ± 90°

Bucky wall stand


Vertical travel range

147 cm (from 33cm to 180 cm)

BWS cover – detector distance

≤ 42 mm




55 kW (550 mA at 100 kV)
65 kW (650 mA at 100 kV)*
80 kW (800 mA at 100 kV)*

Generator frequency

≥ 100 kHz

X-ray tube


Anode heat storage capacity

260,000 J (350,000 HU)

Max. heat storage capacity of the tube housing

1,000,000 J (1,350,000 HU)

Tube touch-screen user interface



10.1 inches


1,280 x 800 pixels

All-in-one PC (workstation)


Display size

23.8 inches color display

Display area

52.7 cm x 29.6 cm


1,920 x 1,080 pixels

Image display preview image

≤ 3 s; full image ≤ 10 s



Wireless detectors

Core XL (43 cm x 43 cm) as well as MAX wi-D* (35 cm x 43 cm) can be used in the table, Bucky wall stand, and for free exposures. Their wireless design, handles, and in-tray charging support flexible use and faster workflows for shorter wait times and satisfied patients.

Fixed detector

To increase clinical flexibility, you can combine one wireless detector with Core static*, a fixed detector in the Bucky wall stand.