Key Visual Siemens Healthineers Quantum Technology showing the face of a middle-aged women, next to the abstract visualization of a photon-counting detector with its precise pulses and the clinical image of a heart in the center of the pulses.

Redefine cardiovascular CT
with NAEOTOM Alpha®
Confidently examine previously excluded patients

Coronary artery disease kills more people each year than any other disease – and the numbers are rising. Non-invasive cardiovascular diagnostic procedures save time and reduce risks, delivering quick results that help stage disease and guide treatment decisions.

NAEOTOM Alpha with Quantum Technology®, our radically new Dual Source photon-counting CT, is delivering Quantum HD Cardiac images with 0.2 mm slice thickness. This visualizes previously undetectable details in the heart without dose penalty. In addition, spectral information is automatically available in every scan with a direct conversion process that turns individual X-ray photons into an electrical signal to create the image.

Quantum Technology enables better diagnostic evaluation of coronary vessels in CT. According to a recent study, NAEOTOM Alpha and Quantum HD Cardiac could have helped to reduce the need of invasive coronary angiography for 54% of the patients in the detection of coronary artery disease in a high-risk population.1

Professor Pál Maurovich-Horvat, MD, Head of Medical Imaging Center and chairman of Radiology at Semmelweis University, Hungary, is always striving to utilize cutting-edge technology. Find out how the remarkable images from NAEOTOM Alpha with Quantum Technology have improved his ability to evaluate even the most challenging cardiac cases.

Quantum HD Cardiac images deliver a high level of detail in cardiovascular imaging without compromising the detector’s dose efficiency. This enables better diagnostic evaluation of coronary vessels in CT. And more patients can be evaluated with greater precision than with conventional CT technologies. See for yourself.

Clinical image with a high spatial resolution, showing plaque assessment at 0.2 mm slice thickness.
Courtesy of University Hospital Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland
Examining patients with high calcium score is challenging due to blooming artifacts, affecting stenosis measurement accuracy. NAEOTOM Alpha with Quantum Technology overcomes this issue, offering diagnostic images irrespective of calcium score value. Spectral algorithms enable separate calcium and iodine visualization. Quantum PURE Lumen, a dedicated virtual non-calcium algorithm, provides calcium-free images for clear vessel lumen assessment, while Quantum PURE Calcium selectively preserves calcifications, creating virtual non-iodine images that correspond to the information found in non-contrast CT scans like CACS exams.2
Clinical Quantum HD Cardiac image with 0.2 mm slice thickness acquired with NAEOTOM Alpha enables the visualization of coronary stents for the assessment of in-stent restenosis.
Courtesy of Semmelweis University, Budapest, Hungary

For patients with coronary stents, conventional CT technologies are limited in terms of resolution, and are prone to producing artifacts such as blooming, beam hardening, metal or motion artifacts that prevent a clear assessment of in-stent restenosis. With 0.2 mm slice thickness, Quantum HD Cardiac changes the game for improved visualization of stents to rule out in-stent restenosis.
Clinical image acquired with NAEOTOM Alpha and single heartbeat Turbo Flash coronary angiography below 1mSv.
Courtesy of Dr. Jones & Partners – SAHMRI, Adelaide, Australia
The combination of Quantum Technology and Dual Source CT with a temporal resolution of 66 ms provides spectral imaging for every scan. Quantum Technology delivers detailed spectral maps – enabling functional evaluation with high precision. This multi-energy/ multi-parametric imaging is based on the atomic properties of tissues, enabling the potential to use various contrast agents. The extra dimension of information from spectral data paves the way for diagnostic procedures that were previously unthinkable, such as iodine maps, myocardial perfusion, ECV calculation, and late enhancement.
Prof. Joe Schoepf, MD

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