Bernhoven Hospital, Uden, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands

Long-term partnership to establish innovative, high-quality, and reliable laboratory services at

Bernhoven Hospital, Netherlands

Value Contribution

First Value Partnership

In the field of laboratory diagnostics in the Netherlands

Innovative technology and methods

Used to optimize the analysis process and bring care closer to patients

15 years Value Partnership

To generate improved patient outcomes through automation and standardization



Deliver high-quality care

Focusing on high-quality standards by using modernized, automatized, and innovative laboratory technology

Leverage digitalization

Providing innovative services to increase clinical quality and proximity to the patient

Improve patient outcomes

Optimizing laboratory diagnostics to deliver outcomes that matter to patients

  • 15-year Value Partnership where Siemens Healthineers will contribute to the analysis process, the automation, and the digital infrastructure of the laboratory
  • Aim to bring laboratory diagnostics closer to the patient, where possible, through point-of-care solutions 
  • The collaboration creates scale and innovative power and safeguards the continuity of laboratory diagnostics, while concentrating on affordable and accessible quality care
  • Addressing healthcare delivery developments—such as digitization, robotization, self-testing, personal control over health, and healthcare funding—by providing future-proof laboratory care

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