Ultrazvukové systémy řady ACUSON Freestyle

Nově definovaná přístupnost


Řada ACUSON Freestyle je prvním bezdrátovým ultrazvukovým řešením na světě, které definuje nový přístup k ultrazvuku v intervenčním prostředí a v místě péče. Řada nabízí škálovatelné konfigurace pro podporu automatizovaného pracovního postupu, jasné vizualizace a rychlejší přístup k ultrazvuku pomocí bezdrátových technologií bez kabelů, stejně jako synchronizace mezi modalitami.

Features & Benefits

    Freestyle image of transverse internal jugular vein
    Transverse internal jugular vein

    Pixelformer Image Processing Architecture
    The ACUSON Freestyle system uses computational focusing to bring each individual pixel into focus for a uniformly sharp view of the entire image—without the need to manually set or adjust focal zones. This imaging architecture also helps eliminate focal banding and decrease noise throughout the image, resulting in excellent detail resolution and image clarity for visualizing targeted anatomy.

    Freestyle system technologies and botulinum toxim injection
    Botulinum toxim injection in lower leg for exertional compartment syndrome

    Enhanced Needle Visualization
    The ACUSON Freestyle system delivers exceptional needle visibility to empower procedural guidance. It employs a sophisticated synthetic focusing technique designed to sharpen the display of needles without reducing the frame rate. Using diverse spatial compounding and steering, this technology helps deliver enhanced confidence during ultrasound-guided interventions.

    ACUSON Freestyle for regional anesthesia
    ACUSON Freestyle ultrasound system for regional anesthesia

    The ACUSON Freestyle system enables you to perform ultrasound-guided nerve blocks and dynamic imaging, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness across your regional anesthesia procedures.

    Transverse internal jugular vein

    Sagittal internal jugular vein

    With cable-free mobility, and tools such as enhanced needle visualization, the ACUSON Freestyle system allows you a pathway to vascular access for line placements and procedural guidance at the point of care.

    Interventional radiology for transverse jugular vein
    Dorsal approach to metacarpophalangeal joint

    Designed to bring maximized, high-quality visualization to MSK and pain-management ultrasound, the ACUSON Freestyle system promotes precise, needle-guided injections and quick diagnosis of soft tissue structures.

    Transducer Technology 

    The ACUSON Freestyle ultrasound system is the world’s first ultrasound system with wireless transducers. Using proprietary ultra-wideband radio technology, the transducers are able to send images at a high sustainable data rate back to the system, all while maintaining excellent image quality and high frame rates.

    The freedom of wireless transducers provides improved flexibility and ease of use in a variety of Point-of-Care environments. The ACUSON Freestyle system includes several innovative workflow features:

    • Integrated controls on the transducers allow operation of all imaging parameters on the system from up to 3 meters / 10 feet away from the system.
    • Transducers are powered by a removable battery which offers up to 90 minutes of continuous scan time between charges.
    • Multiple options for configurable probe and system alerts to ensure that it remains in the care environment. 

    The mounted ultrasound solution combined with the ARTIS with PURE® angiography systems for a unique interventional workflow – optimized for cable-free workspace utilization while allowing faster time to the ultrasound exam.

    Clinical Use

    Customer Services

    SRS provides the foundation for connecting your ultrasound system with a global team of technical and application experts from Siemens Healthineers. Using a secure network connection, SRS allows faster service response, interactive applications support and remote software updates. With SRS, rest assured that you have the latest system software and performance benefits that reduce unnecessary system down time with remote connectivity to improve your system performance and productivity.

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