LUMINOS Lotus MaxDvě disciplíny. Jeden přístroj.

Špičkový dálkově ovládaný fluoroskopický a radiografický přístroj „2 v 1“ – LUMINOS Lotus Max – vám a vašim pacientům nabízí vysoce kvalitní zobrazovací výsledky, umožní vám pocítit hodnotu opravdové integrace a umožňuje bezproblémové pracovní procesy ve všech ohledech1.

  • Ovládání v systémovém provozu zajišťuje hladké a bezproblémové pracovní procesy při fluoroskopických a radiografických vyšetřeních.

  • Jednoduchost v klinické všestrannosti pokrývá širokou paletu vyšetření a různých typů pacientů, od pediatrie přes bariatrii až po geriatrii.

  • Kontrola v řízení dávek pro nízkodávkové zobrazování bez vlivu na kvalitu klinických výsledků.

Výsledek? Dokonalý tok napříč dvěma disciplínami v jednom dálkově ovládaném fluoroskopickém systému.

Features & Benefits

You can feel the flow in all aspects1 with LUMINOS Lotus Max: From ideal workflows, to rich selection of clinical examinations and patient types, to comprehensive dose management.1

  1. Bucky wall stand
    Automatic tube tracking for smooth exam preparation

A 2-in-1 fluoroscopy machine, LUMINOS Lotus Max offers SMART solutions for seamless workflows and flawless imaging.

The flow in system operation is achieved thanks to a seamless integration of two disciplines (fluoroscopy and radiography) in one system and user-friendly system operation via SMART solutions.

  • Seamless integration for ideal workflows
    Experience operational excellence with a truly integrated system. One single control element gives you the freedom to be where you need to be – from the control room to the examination room. One imaging system, one pipeline, one generator, and one wireless footswitch2 means there’s no place for delays or interruptions.
  • SMART solutions for flawless imaging
    Benefit from intuitive SMART solutions which assist you in a friendly and efficient way for faster, easier and more consistent imaging.

Pediatric patient talking to radiology technician while sitting on LUMINOS Lotus Max 2-in-1 fluoroscopy system.

The flow in clinical versatility helps you redefine care delivery. Just one system covers a wide range of examinations and diverse patient types – from pediatrics through geriatrics to bariatrics.

  • Full clinical versatility in a wide range of examinations
    Cover a full fluoroscopy clinical mix without any limitations as the system offers all necessary fluoroscopy functionalities. Conduct Digital substraction angiography2 and Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatgraphy exams with the help of SMART solutions and semitransparent filters2. Experience clinical versatility with the full scope of radiography examinations, including long-leg2 and full-spine2 exams without the need to reposition a patient.
  • Safe and pleasant imaging for all patient types
    All patient types can be examined with one system including special patient groups. Safe and pleasant pediatric imaging is enabled through dose-optimized organ programs, low minimum table height of 48 cm and a MAX mini detector2. Relaxed and pleasant examinations for bariatric patients with a 300 kg maximum table capacity and a 80 cm table width. Safety collision bumpers and SmartTouch ensure a safe examination for those who need safety the most: the less-mobile geriatric patients.

Pediatric patient undergoing procedure on LUMINOS Lotus Max with radiologist performing the clinical examination.

Keep the flow in comprehensive dose management with our proven CARE program, unique image processing engine DiamondView MAX and pre-defined organ programs to reduce dose without compromising clinical outcomes for improved staff and patient experience.

  • Flow in imaging with CARE for low dose
    The Basic CARE package reduces the radiation dose for patients and staff by using dose-free applications, such as dose-free patient repositioning and dose-free image collimation. The Enhanced CARE package2 lets you focus on your patients by ensuring seamless workflows and allows you to avoid additional radiation dose thanks to features, such as Digital Zoom2 and Snapshot Mode2.
  • Low dose and brilliant images with DiamondView MAX
    DiamondView MAX is Siemens Healthineers unique image processing engine that delivers, for both static and dynamic images, exceptionally sharp quality with enhanced contrast, high level of detail visibility, and optimized noise reduction – all at a low dose for adult and pediatric patients alike. If a copper filter is used or gridless imaging is performed, DiamondView MAX delivers for both static and dynamic images high image quality at low dose.

Built with usability in mind, LUMINOS Lotus Max is designed to support your needs – from Fleet Level benefits, through a high level of cybersecurity, to innovative services.

Fleet Level Benefits

High complexity in diagnostic imaging makes it challenging to run the radiology department efficiently. Siemens Healthineers helps you to reduce complexity by offering specific solutions across the entire X-ray portfolio which let you standardize, analyze and secure the imaging fleet. In this way, you can gain valuable Fleet Level Benefits: consistency, transparency and confidence. This results in improved outcomes, increased efficiency and greater staff and patient satisfaction.

  • Standardize for consistency
  • Analyze for transparency
  • Secure for confidence

Did you know?

siemens-healthineers luminos impulse

Cyberattacks are very probable and LUMINOS Lotus Max is best equipped for them.

LUMINOS Lotus Max features security by design and a comprehensive update of cybersecurity options to keep your medical equipment protected throughout the entire lifecycle. The system is delivered with standard cybersecurity offerings and if necessary, advanced security solutions2 can be optionally added for an even higher level of security.

The offerings comply with the strictest DoD regulations.

Add value to your equipment, workforce, and institution. With Innovative Services from Siemens Healthineers, you gain: