Artis Q

Vizionářská intervence

Artis Q nabízí snímání a konverzi rentgenového záření nové generace, která je navržena s ohledem na vaše požadavky.

Artis Q poskytuje vizionářské služby, a to díky vysokému výkonu, pokročilému 3D zobrazování a vynikajícímu kontrastnímu rozlišení prakticky v jakémkoli úhlu, i pro náročné velikosti pacientů. Artis Q je vizionářský také v přesnosti. Pomáhá v boji proti nejohroženějším onemocněním, jako je ischemická choroba srdeční, mrtvice a nádor. Rozvíjejte precizní medicínu a zvyšujte výkony s Artis Q.

Features & Benefits

To see devices and anatomical structures even in challenging patients and angulations is one of the main goals in interventional imaging. Artis Q offers the technology you need for enhanced image quality, high contrast resolution even at steep angulations, and sharp images of moving objects – while reducing dose by up to 60% (GIGALIX compared to previous tube technology). Find out more about the technology inside Artis Q.

GIGALIX X-ray tube

GIGALIX X-ray tube

Focused power

  • Flat emitter technology for high contrast resolution even at steep angulations
  • Small square focal spots for excellent spatial resolution to see more details
  • CLEARpulse for sharp images and low dose

Large HDR detector

Large HDR detector

High dynamic range and dose efficiency

  • High dynamic range for enhanced soft-tissue resolution in 3D imaging
  • High dose efficiency enables excellent image quality at low radiation
  • Water cooling to meet the demands of high hygienic standards

Clinical experience

Göttingen University Hospital, Germany

  • Watch the movie to learn about Artis Freestyle transducer in clinical use
  • Fast and easy sterile packing and highly flexible use
  • Automatic patient data transfer from Artis Q to Artis Freestyle

  1. 3D imaging possible in user selectable ceiling rail positions of the ceiling stand.

  2. 30 cm x 40 cm as40 HDR detector with 16-bit technology.

  3. Double C-arm design for accurate 3D reconstruction with 200° rotation from the side

  4. 8 megapixel large display with up to 26 input sources and flexible layouts.

  5. GIGALIX X-ray tube with 3 focal spot sizes and flat emitter technology.

  6. Artis tables with up to 250 kg patient weight and optional tilt and cradle.

<p>Prof. Wacker</p>

Clinical Use

Precise guidance is needed to help improve clinical outcomes during interventions. Expand precision medicine with Artis Q – and find out more about the clinical applications and technologies it offers to support you in your clinical field.

Technical Details

2021 edition of Artis Q

Visionary intervention – that’s what Artis Q stands for. With techniques and technologies constantly changing, clinical institutions need a flexible angiography system that can be easily adapted. As an investment for the future, Artis Q empowers you to perform both routine and complex procedures today and to be ready for tomorrow's new procedures.

Windows 10

Latest operating system Windows 10

  • Windows 10 provides latest technology to safeguard against increasing cybersecurity threats
  • Future virus protection updates ensured
Future-proof angiography system with hardware upgrades

High performance imaging system hardware

  • Upgraded hardware enables new live image edge enhancement
  • New hardware of Artis imaging system and syngo X Workplace (with syngo Application Software) match requirements of new operating system software
Future-proof angiography system with CLEAR MAX

Improved contrast and sharpness with CLEAR MAX

  • Improved contrast and sharpness lead to better visualization of details, small vessels, devices,tissue, and bones at the same dose level2)
  • Separate processing of the device image leads to improved contrast and sharpness of devices inroadmap without affecting the vessel map2)