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Employing digital solutions within your workforce increases your reputation as a cutting-edge employer. It can also enable you to stay abreast of new methods and technologies, and help you bring patient care to the next level. Increase knowledge and skills with a competency-based online education platform that offers instant access to performance support and expertise.


PEPconnect is our personalized online education and performance management experience designed for healthcare professionals.

  • Explore engaging learning activities (including e-learning sessions, webinars, and virtual classrooms)
  • Create your own virtual learning experience
  • Benefit from the online network of professionals

Stay current with PEPconnect – and transform care delivery to enhance outcomes for your patients. Learn more about PEPconnect in our digital flyer.


Optimize staff and compliance management with a premium subscription to the workforce education management and administration features of PEPconnections. 

  • Manage the education of entire teams or departments
  • Personalize the education experience of individual employees
  • Streamline audit preparation

Manage your staff’s competency and skills with PEPconnections – supporting them in transforming care delivery for enhanced patient outcomes. Learn more about PEPconnections by downloading our digital flyer.

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