Atellica® Process Manager Tutorial Series

Real-time business analytics reports are available right out of the box.

By giving labs the ability to easily measure what they cannot see, Atellica® Process Manager enables labs to track key performance indicators (KPIs) and tackle their biggest workflow challenges with true analytical insight. The following short tutorials preview several of the standard reports available right out of the box with this powerful IT solution.

The challenges of businees analytics in the lab

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The Challenges of Business Analytics in the Lab


Despite interest in business analytics, labs often struggle to acquire the data needed to baseline performance, identify inefficiencies, or recognise new revenue-building opportunities.

Reagent Utilization Report Video

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Improving Reagent Utilization


Learn how easy it can be to identify system inefficiencies, find sweet spots for batch testing, and avoid expiration waste.

Problem Samples Report Video

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Understanding Problem Samples


Problem samples can inflate turnaround time, waste reagents, increase workloads, and delay patient treatment. Learn how to uncover the key data you need to take meaningful corrective action and track your progress.

Turnaround Time Analysis Video

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Turnaround Time (TAT) Analysis


Automatically measure your turnaround time performance in real-time for instruments and assays across your lab. Learn how easy it can be to uncover what is driving TAT achievements and gain insight into how to improve.

Measuring Autovalidation Practices

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Measuring Autovalidation Practices


It can be been difficult to analyze the effectiveness of autovalidation. Learn how to easily measure, monitor, and improve this popular practice.

Automation Utilization Report

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Automation Utilization Report


Your lab is an active ecosystem: sample volumes change, assays are added to the menu, new hires come onboard. Make sure your automation system and analyzers are performing as planned.

Process Management Toolset Video

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Process Management Toolset

Your staff must maintain near continuous operation of many analyzers spread out over different labs and sites. See how real-time alerts and remote control can centralize command of your operations.