Drive precision for all – with a Dual Source CT scanner

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Regardless of the type of patient: Your medical imaging institution has to provide state-of-the-art CT imaging. At all times, you have to be able to aid your patients, to cope with your environment, and to meet your business needs – while driving precision each step of the way.

Improve your clinical workflow and patient outcomes with the SOMATOM Drive and its Dual Source technology, which boosts your performance, empowers your routines, and expands your capabilities. This CT scanner has been designed to be an exceptional member of your radiological team – for all your patients, business needs, and specific environment.

Features & Benefits

Drive precision for your environment

SOMATOM Drive supports you in simplifying routines – to optimize performance and accelerate workflows. See how you can easily standardize your quality of care with our single-operator concept.

Safeguard correct and consistent patient positioning
FAST Integrated Workflow is a combination of unique solutions – such as the FAST 3D Camera, Touch Panels, and Advanced Applications – allowing:

  • highly accurate patient positioning
  • consistent image quality and dose
  • improved workflow speed
  • staff to stay close to their patients

Automation drives precision in challenging environments
Support precise patient positioning regardless of who is performing the scan, with full and semi-automated FAST and CARE features.

Automation drives precision in overburdened environments
Advance reading capabilities with reduction of metal artifacts (iMAR) and automatically aligned and labeled spinal images (FAST Spine).

Drive precision for your business needs

Our CT scanner is versatile and future ready: The Dual Source technology in SOMATOM Drive may advance new clinical fields and introduce new technologies into clinical practice.

Be ready for new business opportunities
Boost the reputation of your clinical institution with both patients and referrers with Dual Energy, dynamic imaging, and full organ perfusion.

Clinical Use

Technical Details

View the technical data for our SOMATOM Drive CT scanner.

Scanner typeDual Source
Max. scan speed458 mm/s
In-plane temp.-res.75 ms
Rotational coverage131 mm/rot
kV steps70 – 140 kV @ 10 kV Steps
mA @ 70 kV, 80 kV650 mA, 750 mA
Spatial resolution0.30 mm
Table loadup to 307 kg / 676 lbs1
Gantry opening78 cm
Generator power200 kW (2 x 100 kW)
Slice acquisition2 x 128


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