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Artis one delivers proven state-of-the-art technology. In addition it offers next-generation tools for uncompromised imaging. Intelligent operation is enhanced by a configurable heads-up display, allowing you to interact with the system in a completely new, intuitive way. So you can keep your attention where you need it. And because the solution is so easy to understand and deploy, it will have a positive impact on your whole organization. Broaden your procedure mix and hit the sweet spot of your business.

Designed for Uncompromised Imaging

  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Next-generation imaging tools
  • Embrace the 3rd dimension
  • Unparalleled average

Designed for Intuitive Interaction

  • Always knows where to go
  • Intelligent controls keep your attention focused
  • Large and crisp images with configuration layouts

Designed for Positive Impact

  • Small footprint, large returns
  • Easy to understand, easy to deplay
  • One for all your everybody changes

Features & Benefits

From unique flat-emitter technology to real-time stent enhancement, Artis one offers proven technology with next-generation imaging tools. The CARE+CLEAR package comes standard, the perfect choice for high image quality at the lowest possible dose.

Optimal system positions? At the press of a button – or automatically - Artis one smoothly adapts to your procedure-specific needs. Keep the patient’s head free for anesthesia and echography or have room to move during an emergency.

Artis one requires less space to provide large returns. Fast installation, easy deployment, and energy savings of up to 20%. Address a broader procedure mix – the smartest way to hit the sweet spot of your business.

Clinical Use

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