Artis with PURE®
Adding smooth to smart.

Artis with PURE

In angiography, many physicians don’t get to experience the full potential of their modern interventional systems as both procedures and system interaction get increasingly complex. PURE® adds smooth use to Siemens' smart technologies in the angio suite and helps all users to increase their operational efficiencies, get the full potential of their system, and enhance their patient outcomes. For a PURE experience in angiography.

Smooth interaction
Save time during procedures. Fewer steps. More efficiency.

Smart performance
Expand your capabilities. More confidence. Better outcomes.

Highlight Features of Artis with PURE®


3D Wizard

Simplify 3D imaging with expert guidance
  • Achieve desired 3D imaging results with step-by-step guidance
  • Increase your confidence and get the full benefits from your system


Focus and zoom at tableside with just one click
  • Click into your region of interest, and QuickZoom centers and zooms automatically
  • Save time and speed up your workflow

syngo 2D/3D Fusion

Save 99 % dose when integrating pre-op volumes for live image guidance1
  • With only two fluoro projections, easily fuse 3D volumes from pre-op CT, MR, or PET data
  • Expand your capabilities and save radiation dose and contrast media

syngo DynaCT SMART

Reduce metal artifacts to see the unseen
  • Reduce artifacts close to metallic devices
  • Increase diagnostic confidence and the chance for visualizing complications such as bleedings close to metallic objects
Learn more about syngo DynaCT SMART

syngo Dyna4D

Welcome the 4th dimension to the angio suite
  • See flow patterns in 3D, providing a virtually unlimited number of DSA runs at no additional dose and contrast media2
  • Expand your clinical capabilities in the angio suite by optimizing patient selection and individualized treatment strategies
Learn more about syngo Dyna4D
Artis with PURE Parallel Patient Processing

Parallel Patient Processing

Share system capabilities between exam and control rooms
  • Plan a procedure without interfering with an ongoing case
  • Streamline your workflow, maximize system productivity and improve room utilization

Clinical experts around the globe already experienced how PURE® is adding smooth to smart in the angio suite. This is their feedback.

Professor Martin Skalej, MD
3D Wizard: “PURE® enables practically anybody to perform a perfect 3D run without the need of having experts around.” Professor Martin Skalej, MD
Department of Neuroradiology, University Hospital Magdeburg, Germany 
QuickZoom: “This is a big step forward in terms of usability and easiness. It enables us to stay in the room, meaning we do not need to go out in the control room any more.” Professor Martin Skalej, MD
Department of Neuroradiology, University Hospital Magdeburg, Germany

Bernhard C. Meyer, MD
syngo 2D/3D Fusion: “Another feature we really appreciate is the new syngo 2D/3D Fusion. This allows us to fuse any external volume, be it CT or MR or PET, with just two 2D images, resulting in 3D volumes.” Bernhard C. Meyer, MD
Department of Interventional Radiology, Hanover Medical School, Germany 

Demetrius Lopes, MD
syngo DynaCT SMART: “By using syngo DynaCT SMART in stent-coil cases, I’m more confident to exclude in-stent stenosis and residual aneurysm filling.” Demetrius Lopes, MD
Center for Neuroendovascular Surgery, Rush University Medical Center, Chicago, USA

Charles Strother, MD
syngo Dyna4D: “It is already apparent that this technology will translate into fewer X-rays and therefore less radiation exposure for the patient, but also into lower costs.” Charles Strother, MD
University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA

1This measurement was performed with an Alderson phantom using fluoroscopy with 10 images per 2D projection and a low-dose 6s DCT body program. Results in actual clinical practice may vary.

2This is the experience of individual users. Results may vary.