Hybrid Learning Solutions 

Flexibly advance staff competence with a personalized mix of learning tools

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In the healthcare sector, medical systems and clinical workflows are becoming increasingly complex, requiring to continually develop the skills of your workforce. Offering your staff Hybrid learning solutions enhances your reputation as a cutting-edge employer and can enable you to bring patient care to the next level. 


Hybrid learning

Hybrid learning solutions from Siemens Healthineers enable clinical institutions to provide a variety of education formats to improve their staff’s competences and learning experiences – anytime and anywhere. Hybrid learning is an evolutionary approach to application and equipment training that goes beyond equipment usage. It combines virtual expert-guided or individual learning with traditional education methods to individually tailor education to a learner’s needs. Teachers and students can be both on-site and online at the same time and students can also learn fully self-directed - Hybrid learning offers a high level of flexibility.

  • Enhance staff competency and increase workforce productivity with continuous education that combines traditional and virtual learning formats for an individual and flexible learning experience in a safe environment
  • Optimize clinical operation and workforce excellence by keeping the knowledge of your workforce up to date with a life-long education approach
  • Build a learning health system by leveraging advancements in science and technology to improve your performance at lower cost through personalized education

Requirements and expectations are changing regarding further training and education

68% of employees say training and development 

is the company’s most important policy1

40% of employees with poor training 

will leave the company within the first year1

92.6% of the companies surveyed say that personnel development 

in the digitalization requires more flexible and dynamic solutions2

1 https://www.beaconlive.com/blog/embracing-a-hybrid-learning-model-for-corporate-training-development; last accessed February 2022 

2 Siepmann F. (2018); eLearning Benchmarking Studie – Digitale Transformation & Weiterbildung, pp. 4–6


Find your optimal combination from different learning tools.

  1. Immersive and digital education 

    include practical skills development with innovative technologies such as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, or simulated environments. SmartSimulator and ExpertGuidance are two examples for providing a hands-on experience in a safe environment

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