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Encounter based Imaging

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Syngo Carbon Outcome Driven Imaging System

Syngo Carbon1 Encounter based Imaging allows users to easily document patient progress and share clinical data with other healthcare professionals. Compatible with mobile devices, Encounter based Imaging facilitates the point of care workflow by easing the documentation process for daily routines. Information is securely uploaded and can be connected to health information systems, such as Vendor Neutral Archives (VNA) and Electronic Patient and Health Record systems (EHR).

  • Speeds up point of care documentation
  • Compatible with existing technology
  • Maintain up-to-date patient files with automated data storage¬†

Encounter-based Imaging
  • Easily capture and share clinical data such as photos, videos, and audio recordings
  • Quickly and securely access documentation
  • Reduce time spent on administrative tasks so healthcare professionals can focus on their core competence

Syngo Carbon Encounter-based imaging Compatible technology
  • System is compatible with mobile devices, making it simple to capture data during daily care routines
  • Data is protected and secure within the app. No data is stored on the mobile device
  • Includes standardized, generic interfaces to FHIR-compatible backend systems (such as electronic health records or clinical multimedia archives) without the ability to monitor or influence their functions

Syngo Carbon Encounter- based imaging maintenance
  • Simplifies workflow
  • Ensures precise documentation
  • Supports fast distribution of information

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