Medicalis Workflow Orchestrator

Medicalis Workflow OrchestratorUnlock efficiency with radiology workflow orchestration

Can you ensure that the right radiologist is reading the right study for the right reason at the right time?

With Medicalis Workflow Orchestrator, you can seamlessly orchestrate radiologist readings across disparate sites, radiology practices, and IT platforms within your imaging network. Use a common platform to standardize your radiologist workflow.

No system variability. No capacity variation. No workload imbalance.

We provide a workflow orchestration layer that organizes, optimizes, and orchestrates a single workflow across the radiology network to increase your radiologists’ productivity and efficiency. The integrated platform helps you reduce variation by having the right study read by the right radiologist at the right time, ensuring a fast turnaround time and thus further improving the quality of patient care across the imaging service network.

By bringing together radiologists from various groups within the health system, we help you ensure that the most appropriate radiologist for the case is reading the imaging studies – regardless of their location. Workflow orchestration allows you to balance the radiologists workload based on criteria such as subspecialty, service level agreement, and several other operating plan goals. It strategically aligns the health system and radiologists, while ensuring the workload is distributed fairly and efficiently, minimizing any gaps and potential declines in turnaround time.

Our vendor-neutral workflow orchestrator offers you the flexibility to choose the best of breed system, while leveraging all your earlier investments by integrating with other systems such as:

  • One or more diagnostic viewers of your choice
  • One or more dictation systems of your choice
  • Multiple PACS systems that you may have
  • Multiple EMR systems that you may have

By having all relevant patient information and studies prepared in time and presented in one view when the radiologist is ready to read the exam, you can provide an excellent experience for the radiologist and a better outcome for the patient.

By leveraging your existing IT investment and benefiting from the economies of scale, you can offer the convenience of a local practice while gaining the advantage of a consolidated service line, supporting ”anytime, anywhere” radiology.

By eliminating physical barriers and siloed systems, you are prepared for seamless scalability and flexibility to support your growing network needs. Workflow orchestration aims to enhance throughput and minimize turnaround time.


We understand you may have unique needs. Our experts help you design a solution that best meets your objectives.


Medicalis Workflow Orchestrator Whitpaper

How a workflow orchestrator is setting a new standard for radiology services 

Benjamin Gordon, MD 
Senior Medical Director, Imaging Services, Intermountain Healthcare

Siemens Healthineers Whitepaper MDIG
  • Improve patient care
  • Help with diagnostic accuracy
  • Eliminate duplicative imaging
  • Help address radiologist burnout
  • Reduce report turnaround time by up to 50%
  • Increase workforce productivity and efficiency