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WeScan brings together healthcare providers and remote MRI technologists to improve access to care.


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WeScan acts as an intermediary service that connects healthcare providers who want to cover their growing demand of medical imaging with a pool of remote MRI technologists. Gain access to a pool of experts and request MRI scan support from a qualified remote MRI technologist. This enables you to offer high-quality care – whenever needed, wherever needed. By offering a pay-per-hour model, WeScan allows you to improve cost efficiency.

Key challenges for hospitals and health systems

Customer Services - WeScan - Access to care

Need to provide access to care

is increasingly important in today’s competitive healthcare systems. But if there is a shortage of qualified radiology technologists, a specific exam may not be possible at the required location and time. This puts patient satisfaction as well as revenue streams at risk.
Customer Services - WeScan - Productivity and efficiency of operations

Need to increase productivity and efficiency of operations

is a result of growing economic pressure on healthcare providers. Inflexible working hours and a limited number of qualified experts complicate shift planning. This is especially challenging during extended hours, off-hours, and peak hours and jeopardizes the achievement of the desired level of care and throughput.
Customer Services - WeScan - Knowledgeable and confident staff

Need for knowledgeable and confident staff

as they are the key factor in delivering patient care at a high standard. As highly qualified radiology technologists are scarce, a transfer of knowledge to expand the skill level and confidence of other technologists is often impossible. This can impact clinical outcomes and prevents standardization.

How can we help you address these challenges?

Improve cost efficency and patient satisfaction by improving availability of care

WeScan enables you to access to a pool of remote MRI technologists - when you don’t have on-site MRI technologists available or are facing general staff shortage. As a result, patients have more convenient access to a scanner site close by and experience shorter waiting times.

Increase productivity by enhancing flexibility

WeScan provides flexible access to the expert knowledge of remote MRI technologists, especially during extended hours, off-hours, and peak hours, which are usually difficult to staff. This enables you to achieve continuous productivity and higher flexibility in patient care – regardless of your individual staffing situation.

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