Liver symposium

Clinical Workshop: Non-invasive methods for screening, imaging and treatment of liver lesions

In collaboration with UZ Leuven

08:30 - 17:00

As the third leading cause of cancer deaths, liver cancer is a real killer. The collaboration between different departments reveals itself to be crucial. In this workshop for gastroenterologists and medical imaging specialists, clinical guest speakers will share their experience along the entire liver cancer patient pathway: from screening over diagnosis to treatment and follow-up. Next to that, practical hands-on sessions will give you the opportunity to implement the latest techniques in your daily work.

Moderators: Professor Verslype & Professor Bielen (UZ Leuven)
Audience: gastro enterologists, (interventional) radiologists
Date: September 30, 2022
Location: Dolce La Hulpe Brussels - Chau. de Bruxelles 135, 1310 La Hulpe
Accreditation points have been requested (Science / Ethics and Economics)
Entrance fee: €450 for specialist / €50 for assistant

Introduction - Prof. Dr. Verslype & Prof. Dr. Bielen, UZ Leuven

Panel 1: Non-invasive methods for fibrosis and steatosis detection

  • Non-invasive methods for fibrosis and steatosis detection – Prof. Dr. Robaeys, UHasselt
  • Management of Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease in Belgium – Prof. Dr. Francque, UZ Antwerpen
  • Application of non-invasive blood tests for liver fibrosis in primary or secondary care in the UK. A health-economic approach - Prof. William Rosenberg, University College London

Panel 2: Medical imaging: diagnosis, staging and follow-up of liver lesions

  • The role of MR and Photon-Counting CT – Prof. Dr. Bielen, UZ Leuven
  • The role of nuclear medicine – Prof. Dr. Hustinx, CHU Liège
  • CT Liver Perfusion « State of the Art » - Prof. Dr. Vouche, Institut Jules Bordet

Panel 3: Non-invasive therapy for liver lesions

  • Radiotherapy for liver lesions – Prof. Dr. Joye, Iridium Netwerk
  • Selective Internal Radiotherapy (SIRT) for liver lesions – Prof. Dr. Maleux, UZ Leuven

Break out practicals in smaller groups

  • CT Dual Energy cases & hands-on - Dr. Hollans & Dr. Ouertani, CHIREC Brussels
  • Hands-on Liver Transient Elastography, Shear-Wave Elastography and Steatosis Quantification - Prof. Dr. Francque & Prof. Dr. Vonghia, UZA

Wrap-up and glimpse of the future - Prof. Dr. Verslype, UZ Leuven