Screening Workflow NavigatorIntuitively manage your screening programs

Screening Workflow Navigator is an intuitive software module to support the acquisition and storage of defined data elements intended to manage screening programs and support aggregation of data for transmittal to governing bodies. The data collection is intended to verify compliance for registry support and optimize reimbursement for the provider. In addition the module supports generation of communication letters to ensure that parties are informed of participation status and recommendations on follow up care.

  • Enable proper reimbursement
  • Enhanced clinical outcomes
  • Save time and resources

Fonctionnalités et avantages

Enable proper reimbursement

Are you managing screening data in spreadsheets? How are you packaging it for proper submission and reimbursement? Collecting relevant data in one database and packaging in an approved format can help facilitate maximum reimbursement.


Easily capture required data in one place and submit it to the American College of Radiology (ACR) for proper and timely Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) reimbursement. By collecting lung screening data in a structured format in one system, you gain two big advantages. The data will be aggregated and packaged for proper submission, and you can use the data to gain more insight for managing the health of your population proactively.

Your value

  • Manage the health of your population
  • Submit to ACR for CMS reimbursement easily
Enhance clinical outcomes

What is needed to keep patients informed of their screening status and alert them of the need to schedule follow up appointments in a timely manner? Customizing, scheduling, and sending letters to patients manually can be difficult to manage. Automating this process can help to save resources as well as minimize the errors involved with manually generating and distributing patient letters.


Increase patient satisfaction with timely follow up communication and automatically generated reminder letters about scheduling follow up visits.This capability also reduces clerical costs of manually generating patient communication. 


Your value

  • Increase patient confidence with follow up communication
  • Increase patient satisfaction through timely communication
  • Automated patient letter generation 
Save time and resources

Does your staff require IT training on your screening program application? Training typically involves a departmental cost and takes staff away from their jobs to learn a new tool and stay current on it. An easy-to-use application can eliminate the need for system training.

Furthermore, no additional hardware will be needed to use the Screening Workflow Navigator. This means users can jump right in and begin using the module immediately with virtually no down time.

Your value

  • No IT expertise needed
  • Save training time and costs
  • No additional hardware needed